Anderson receives top coaching job

Sparky Anderson takes the reigns from Trond Flagstad as the new UAA head ski coach.

A coach is the ultimate leader of the pack.

They are role models and teachers to their athletes. They are responsible for teaching more than just the rules of a game, but the rules of life as well. This position is one that cannot be filled by just anybody; it takes a special kind of person.

After five years as the head alpine coach at UAA, Sparky Anderson will lead the UAA ski team as the ‘Wolves new head coach of the program. “I think it is great that Sparky did get promoted,” outgoing Head Coach Trond Flagstad said. “I would have been disappointed if he didn’t.”

“He has done a very good job with the alpine squad since he started at UAA and I am confident he will do a great job as the head coach of the program.”

Anderson will be replacing Flagstad, who resigned after seven seasons with the Seawolves.

Before his term as head alpine coach, Anderson spent one year interning with the alpine program at UAA and seven years as the director of the Alyeska Ski Club, something that, according to Flagstad, is very beneficial.

“Sparky also knows the alpine ski community and has valuable connections and friends at the Alyeska Ski Resort, which is very good for the program,” Flagstad said.

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A rewarding factor in promoting one of their own is the UAA athletes will not have to suffer the effects of a transition period by bringing in a new coach, according to both Anderson and Flagstad.

“Not a whole lot of changes for this season, maybe just some fine tuning with the athletic program and dry land leading up to being on the snow,” a confident Anderson said. “Our main focus is still going to be winning a national championship.”

This has come as a relief to the men and women of the UAA ski team, according to Flagstad. But junior Andreas Adde sees it as a little bit more.“I think it is good that Sparky is our new head coach, I feel it gives the team a motivation burst,” Adde said with hope and excitement. “I’m excited to see what next year will bring.”

The new head coach has also received lots of positive e-mails and phone calls from both Nordic and alpine skiers, according to Anderson.

Adde is a prime example of an athlete who under the coaching of Anderson has become a UAA skiing