Anchorage grasping the elements

Year after year, suspense builds as spring cross fades into summer in a smooth cyclic motion with the solstice progressively approaching. Each new season creates a vibe unlike the last and this year Anchorage is proud to present the four elements of Hip-Hop culture during a summer solstice weekend extravaganza featuring deejay's, emcee's, b-boy's/b-girl's, and graffiti artist's.

On June 23, Synapse Productions presents Apollo, an all ages stage show at the Hilltop Ski Area from 3 p.m. – 12 a.m. to celebrate the summer solstice preventing anyone who would want and try to sleep on this opportunity.

Heather Prunty is the coordinator for the show and the sole entity of Synapse Productions. She moved here from Chicago a year ago and Apollo will be her first show in Alaska.

“It's so beautiful up here and the scene isn't here yet. Hip-Hop culture is so progressive and positive that we want to turn kids on to it.” Prunty said.

Apollo will provide an all day interactive experience hosting a 40 foot graffiti wall, a break dancing contest, multiple masters of ceremonies and a scratch showcase. Apollo welcomes a hand-full of California based artists accompanied by many local talents.

Latyrx is a San Francisco Bay area group well known on the underground Hip-Hop scene for intelligent lyrics and soulful flows in their work with Solesides and Quannum. Latyrx is made up of two artists, Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born the Illustrious One, who Prunty will take paragliding and sea kayaking in Seward during their short stay in Alaska. Latyrx is scheduled to perform at 9 p.m.

Kid Dragon and Omega, two turntablists from Southern California, will pick up where Z-trip left off to show Alaska that being a deejay involves much more than selecting songs for a local radio station. Z-trip, a turntablist in the same scratch arena as Kid Dragon and Omega, came to Anchorage in December 2000 and performed at Chilkoot Charlie's. Unfortunately,

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Z-trip's show was missed by many potential fans not of legal age to surround the stage in Spenard. Since Apollo is for all ages it will not restrict younger spectators and rave going locals from enjoying the scratch happy action unleashed by these masters at the art of scratching.

Other acts that plan to battle their cuts and scratches on the turntable at Apollo are AK23 consisting of four turntablists, DJ Presto dropping breaks, and DJ Solo & Guest will take it back with some drum and bass. DJ Nicole & DJ Lucky with Tweakin records are coming up from San Francisco and local talent Boy Wonder will get down with some funky house.

Prunty has also arranged for other knock out Hip-Hop acts to come to Anchorage this summer. The California based Hip-Hop duo AceyAlone from Freestyle Fellowship and Abstract Rude from Abstract Tribe Unique, are scheduled to perform at the Old Fireweed Theater Aug. 11.