Amber lager by George Killian influenced by Irish roots

George Killian’s Irish Red

Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO

4.9% ABV

4 out of 5 stars

Categorized as an amber lager, “George Killian’s Irish Red” possesses many qualities that stretch the limits of the lager genre toward ale territory. Among these is a striking red color accompanied by a dry aroma, with floral undertones. These are certainly not characteristics one usually associates with the term “lager.” On another note,  “Killian’s” is also a bit more hoppy than a typical lager.

For all this, however, the “Killian’s” amber lager also boasts a light body, and a crispness that is complemented by the beer’s dryness. These qualities keep the beer at least one-foot in the lager realm, making this beer reminiscent of a sort of ruby pilsner – a category, I’m sure, which is mostly in my head.

“Killian’s” ale qualities, though, are in fact appropriate, as the beer is the descendent of a true ruby ale brewed by George Killian Lett’s great-grandfather in the original family brewery, G.H. Lett and Co. Mill Park Brewery, in Enniscorthy, Ireland. (That brewery closed in 1956.) So, in honor of a long-standing family tradition, though no longer brewed in Enniscorthy, “George Killian’s Irish Red” brings to the American lager family a member that proudly stays in touch with its roots.