Amaretto Sour a summer must-have

Something about the Amaretto Sour just sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen — it might be the fact that you’re combining sweet and sour mix with almond-flavored alcohol — but it’s actually a fantastic and refreshing cocktail.

To make this easy recipe, toss a few ice cubes into a shaker and combine a shot of the amaretto with three shots of the mixer, shake like crazy, and then strain into a short glass. Cherries and lemon slices make for excellent garnish options.

The only thing you’ll really smell in the cocktail is a general lightness, nonspecific to a particular citrus fruit, but refreshing nonetheless. The tip is initially the same, but within half a second, you taste an interesting combination of sweet and bitterness, which is the “sweet” part of the sweet and sour mixing with the amaretto. As the sip travels along the tongue, the sweetness turns to a light sourness, which compliments the bitterness of the amaretto instead of butting heads with it. There is no sting at the back of the throat afterwards, either; it’s smooth, but has a slight tingle left by the sour flavor. The entire drink, no matter how many sips you take, is the same. Despite the odd combination of ingredients, it tastes light and fresh rather than overly bitter and sour.

The only downside to this is how weighty it feels; the sweet and sour mixer is a little thick and syrupy, so it makes the overall drink the same due to the ingredient ratio. So, while the drink tastes light and breezy, it feels a little bogged down.