Alaskan ways to spend Valentine’s Day

Flowers, dinner, and a movie. These ingredients all concoct the traditional combination that is a typical date. But living in a state like Alaska, there are so many other ways to show someone how much you appreciate them. This is dubbed the Alaskan way to spend Valentine’s Day.

The only downside to spending Valentine’s Day the Alaskan way, is that it generally involves outdoor activities in the freezing cold. But with the weatherman predicting a heat wave through Anchorage (about 20-30 degrees) it is worth the shot to impress a loved one with a unique date.

Ice skating can be a fun experience, and if neither person can skate very well, it makes the experience even more fun. Falling on top of each other can bring laughter and good times. It also gives the opportunity to stay close together in order to balance each other out. An indoor ice skating rink can be just fine, but liven it up the Alaskan way with an outdoor ice skating rink on a popular lake like Cheney Lake or Westchester Lagoon.

Go old-style with a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through Alaska’s snowy back trails. Bring a big blanket that two people can easily fit under and snuggle up together. After an hour or so of tromping through the white wonderland, find a way back to either a cabin or cozy up next to a fire pit and warm up with some cocoa and marshmallows.

Take a drive up to the coastal trail and find one of the many parking spots that overlook the ocean. The biggest issue is that many others might have the same idea; so again, it might be a good idea to brave the cold and find a secluded area on the trail to hang out. Bring a picnic basket and keep it Alaskan with wild-berry salad, smoked salmon, sourdough bread, and apple cider. Watch the sun set or just watch the water under the glacial mass covering it.

Head up to Flattop, and don’t forget to bring along some snowshoes for extended walks. The trails are expansive and there are ample places to get away from the general public. Bring a thermos of hot coffee, tea or cocoa and after trek around the snowy trails for a while, take a break at a location with great views and share a drink together.

If both people like fishing, then ice fishing would be a great way to spend the day. Many lakes around Anchorage allow ice fishing. Rent some gear, dress warm, and go fishing, spending time with one another doing something both parties love. This is a great time for new relationships to play games like 20 questions, or old relationships to talk about life and the future. Afterwards, if fish were caught, cook them and share the fruits of labor for dinner.

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Alaska has many opportunities to get outside year-round, but in the winter that can be difficult to do. So doing something new and exciting for Valentine’s Day will really add some fun into a relationship.