Alaska permanent fund board corrupt

BY: Theresa Obermeyer

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day.  Teach me to fish and I eat for a life time.”

When I read ”Report questions efficiency of Alaska university system” in the Jan. 25 issue of Anchorage Daily News, I had known it was coming.  Mr. Patrick Gamble, new UA President, did the same thing at Alaska Railroad.  Mr. Gamble requested the “self study” led by James L., which states that 80 of the 200 staff positions at the system’s central offices could be cut which upsets the entire UA staff.  “Rasmuson Foundation,” a misnomer, funded this study instead of making certain that Alaska gets real higher education including medical and law schools, which have been introduced as HB 38 by Representative Scott Kawasaki in the 27th Alaska Legislature.

“Compensation of Select Exempt Executives” is at Alaska State Compensation Commission website along with all the over $100,000 salaries of State of Alaska officials.  Mr. Brian Rogers, UAF Chancellor, owns Information Insights.  Alaska Judicial Council contracts with Information Insights to conduct Alaska Bar Polls for judicial selection.

“Rasmuson Foundation” funded “Pick Click & Give” is more propaganda to take the focus off how corrupt Alaska Permanent Fund Board (APFB) is, which is not confirmed by Alaska Legislature.  “Pick Click & Give” is located at the offices of Mr. Dennis McMillan, Executive Director, Foraker Group, 161 Klevin Street, Anchorage, another “Rasmuson Foundation” funded effort.

Edward Rasmuson, former Chairman and CEO, National Bank Alaska, sold his bank to the fifth largest bank in U.S., i.e. Wells Fargo, in 2000.  Today, Ed’s office and “Rasmuson Foundation” are both at Wells Fargo Alaska Headquarters, 301 W. Northern Lights, Anchorage.  Ed’s father, Elmer Rasmuson, was Chair and CEO, National Bank Alaska, until his death in December 2000.  The elder Rasmuson was the first Chair, APFB 1980-1982 during the time Ed was a member and Chair, UA Board of Regents about 1978-1986.

“Rasmuson Foundation” pretends it is philanthropic.  The list of the Board members includes Justice Morgan Christen, Alaska Supreme Court, Ed’s sister, Representative Lile Gibbons, Connecticut State House of Representatives, and a total of seven family of the 12 member Board.   “Rasmuson Foundation” as of Dec. 31, 2010 had assets of $440,000,000 up from $425,000,000 in 2009.  Is the purpose of the “Rasmuson Foundation” to make money?

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Mr. Rasmuson chaired UA Board of Regents during the time my civil lawsuit “Theresa Nangle Oberemeyer, Ph.D. vs. University of Alaska No. 85-3826 DC CIVIL #A81-448” was pending 1981-1986. “University of Alaska Hearing 9/24/79 & Ruling by Robert Flint 10/29/79” was over my property right to a due process as a professional employee of UA.  My civil lawsuit was filed Oct. 28, 1981 and the case was assigned to Judge James M. Fitzgerald but later transferred to U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson, San Diego, who ruled against me on April 8, 1985.

I appealed to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in ‘85 because Judge Thompson’s Ruling was based on an incomplete Record, as the middle 13 of 16 pages of my ”Hearing,” the most important document in the Record, had been stolen out of the Anchorage U.S. District Court Clerk’s Office.  “Not for Publication” Ruling against me was filed May 13, 1986 without “Oral Argument” and I was required to pay $17,161.75.  I did not connect the judgment in my civil lawsuit against UA to publication of In the Matter of the Application of Thomas S. Obermeyer, 717 Pacific Report 2d 382, 57 American Law Reports 4th 1195 (Alaska 4/18/86) until I was prosecuted on Sept. 29, 1995 in United States of America vs. Theresa Nangle Obermeyer, Ph.D. #A94-0074 CR (WBE).  Tom’s ALR 4th citation goes directly to Senator Ted Stevens’ own citation.

I gave Mr. Rasmuson a binder of the “Individual Investment Transaction Disclosures (IITDs)” of Mr. William G. Moran, Jr., current Chair, APFB, based on A.S. 37.13.110 so Mr. Rasmuson is fully informed.  By comparison, former Chair, UA Board of Regents, Mr. Michael Burns, Executive Director, APFB, who is responsible for 33 employees of the Fund, has not submitted to our Committee his “IITDs” since March 2009.  I complained to U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler about Mr. Burns to no avail.

I have been informed by Mr. Rasmuson that he sends his private airplane to the Lower 48 to fly the leaders of at least ten foundations yearly to Alaska, so that the foundation officials from the Lower 48 can spend their foundation money in Alaska when we have more than $39 billion today in Alaska Permanent Fund whose Board and staff are all only enriching their private banks accounts instead of making sure our money as Alaskans is wisely invested.

Rasmuson Art Museum, UAA Edward & Cathryn Rasmuson Business School, and other buildings in Anchorage are named after this family.  I do not respect the “Rasmuson Foundation” website, which states that its mission is “to promote a better life for Alaskans.”

What Mr. Rasmuson and his family are doing is not philanthropy; it is attempted mind control.  I have observed the hateful, demented issues the “Rasmuson Foundation” funds after the way Mr. Rasmuson treated me in my UA lawsuit.  Does Mr. Moran want to emulate Mr. Rasmuson?  Is our future as Alaskans only to be the “worker bees” of the Rasmusons and Moran/Murkowskis?