Advising and Counseling splits to new locations

The Advising and Counseling center, which once helped students with both academic and mental health problems, has divided into two separate services and moved to new locations.
Academic Advising has found a new home in the University Center as Advising and Testing in Room 112.

Advising and Counseling was split apart because advising was needed in the University Center, said Tara Koeckritz, the fiscal manager for the Academic Center of Excellence, which works with Advising and Testing.

Advising was moved “in the beginning of August, around the first week,” Koeckritz said. “They moved everything within two days.”

Receptionist Tina Soares from Advising and Testing also worked at the Advising and Counseling Center.

Soares said she assumes the move to the new office, which is closer to Enrollment Services, was for the benefit of new students, “[who] can be caught prior to problems.”

There is some debate about whether or not the move is beneficial to students.

“A lot of students are happy [about the move], especially non-traditional students because they don’t need to go to both the campus and the University Center for services,” Soares said.

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However, she said traditional students are unhappy about the change, because they can’t stop by for questions between classes like they used to.

Koeckritz thinks the move is a positive one.

“It’s great because we’re where the students are, because they can come see us when they need to speak to someone or when they need extra direction.” She added that the testing facilities, which are needed for admissions, are also there, so everything is conveniently in one place.

Chris Booth, a previous employee at Advising and Counseling and now a receptionist at Advising and Testing, said he thinks the move is “dumb,” because now all student services are too far from campus.

Advising and Testing offers “advising for non-traditional, general associates of arts, and undeclared students,” said Soares. Additionally, it administers an assortment of tests, “such as national standardized tests and the Accuplacer.”

Bobbi Weber, director of Advising and Testing said students should seek academic advising within their major departments.

“[These advisors] can talk about demands, or prerequisites… and will also be the ones who sign off when you apply to graduate,” said Weber.

Mental health counseling is still located in the Business Education Building at the Student Health Center. Counselors are usually available by appointment, but the center is also prepared for a mental health crisis.

“A crisis…is anything that can’t wait for an appointment,” said Jaylynn Aumua, a current employee. “We send these patients to South Central Counseling on Bragaw.”

Health Services also offers several health-related resources, such as pamphlets on anything from tattoos and piercings to tuberculosis.