Abortion clash at heart of shutdown debate

One of the more heated issues over the budget debate in Washington is the amendment passed by House Republicans to cut all federal funding of Planned Parenthood. As of now, the Federal Government subsidizes Planned Parenthood at a cost of about $360 million per year. And although this may seem like a lot, in the grand scheme of things it’s only peanuts in comparison to the $1.5 trillion budget deficit.

Despite the relatively small amount of funding at stake, both sides are unwilling to budge on what is largely an ideological conflict. Pro-life republicans see the budget crisis as an opportunity to cut a program they find not only illegitimate but immoral, while pro-choice democrats see this defunding attempt as an assault on their core platform.

The most amusing aspect of this whole clash over abortion is the way in which the pro-choice side has conducted itself. The amendment’s detractors cloak themselves in the banner of maintaining “women’s health” and some, such as Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) have gone as far as to say that republicans have been elected to “kill women” in a Nazi-like fashion. Additionally, CNN’s Candy Crowley has even co-opted Planned Parenthood’s talking points. In an interview of Rep. Steve King (R-IA) she asked, “Would you worry that, by cutting off those services, people would have sicker babies?”

Let’s get some facts straight. About 98 percent of all services provided by Planned Parenthood for pregnant women are for abortions, yet Crowley is worried that if the government cuts off their funding, people might have sicker babies? I am pretty sure the net-gain for infant health would be huge if the largest abortion provider were to disappear tomorrow. Last I heard, babies whose brains have been sucked out tend not to be the healthiest bunch.

Rep. Slaughter’s comments are even more ridiculous. I am assuming she’s accusing republicans of killing women via not paying for their abortions when their lives are threatened by a pregnancy. Considering the fact that in developed countries, maternal death accounts for less than one percent of all births, that is a rather strange thing to quibble over.  To be precise, the maternal mortality rate in the United States, as of 2005, was 11 deaths for every 100,000 pregnancies.

A fundamental flaw in Slaughter’s analysis is she doesn’t take into account the other females. She is so fixated on victims of maternal mortality that she forgets the huge number of deaths approved and funded by people like her every year. It’s not republicans who are killing women, but organizations like Planned Parenthood.

The abortion rate in 2005 was about 1,940 for every 100,000 pregnancies. Assuming that roughly half of all infants born are female, that is a death rate of 970 females per year, but groups like Planned Parenthood have the audacity to carry signs labeled “Stand up for Women’s Health.” The irony is thick.

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Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor and pro-life activist said it best during her speech in 2008, “If abortion is about women’s rights, then where were mine? There was not a radical feminist, standing up and yelling about how my rights had been violated that day.  In fact my life was being snuffed out in the name of women’s rights.”

But this was not always the case. The history of feminism is actually staunchly pro-life. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft and Alice Paul were all opposed to abortion and vehemently condemned it. Feminists for Life, an American organization leads the way in educating people on feminist history and its hijacking by radical pro-choice advocates. You won’t read anything about that on NOW’s website, however, where to them, the right to murder children is as American as baseball or apple-pie.

Currently, democrats are crying foul over the fact that republicans are forcing gridlock on the budget due to their insistence to push through this divisive amendment. Unfortunately, the Senate is unlikely to allow it to pass. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) insisted last week that, “We will never, never, never defund Planned Parenthood.” Yet if there is to be a government shutdown, the democrats would surely be to blame considering they didn’t even pass a budget last year out of political cowardice.

Their criticisms are true to an extent. Yes, republicans are making things more difficult by pushing through a relatively insignificant (in dollar terms) amendment to defund a very popular organization among democrats, but it’s still the right thing to do.

Not a dime of tax-payer funds should ever go to this disgusting corporation again. They make over a billion dollars a year in the business of baby killing. They do not exist for the benefit of “women’s health” but for the profitable industry of providing abortions. That’s their bottom line. And in this current budget crisis their blood-money should be the first to go.

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