A letter from your USUAA president

Dear Seawolves,

The Fall 2018 semester is coming to an end and it was for sure not without its challenges. After a major earthquake hit us on Nov. 30, 2018, USUAA was astonished by how the UAA Facilities and Incident Management Team worked tirelessly around the clock over the weekend to make our campus safe for students. Thus, by expressing our utmost appreciation to them and to the Chancellor’s cabinet for their effective leadership and communication, on Dec. 7, 2018, the Resolution #19-05: Earthquake Response Appreciation was unanimously passed by the General Assembly.

Throughout the semester, USUAA members were able to successfully execute their duties and fulfill their commitments before students. During the important midterm election that took place this fall, we were able to bring together a number of incredible individuals and organizations to host the first Gubernatorial Debate on campus. We believe that advocacy is as powerful as we play our role in the future of our community by providing access to its decision makers. Recognizing the fiscal challenges that our state is going through, we will be pursuing an efficient communication with the new governor and the state Legislature to ensure a stable future for our University.   

This year, UAA is going through a Student Fees Review Cycle that takes place once every four years. Five out of eight mandatory student fee-collecting departments expressed their interest in implementing modifications to their respective fees. During this process, USUAA was able to facilitate an open forum for students and instructed all the Directors to deliver presentations before the General Assembly. After weeks of discussions and debates, on Dec. 7, 2018, USUAA was able to vote and pass Resolutions #19-02: Transportation Fee; #19-03: Technology, eLearning, ePortfolio Fees; #19-04: Student Activities Fee that include our concluding decisions.

During the USUAA Fall 2018 Elections, the student body has elected the candidates for their next UA student regent and student commissioner positions, who will later be considered for gubernatorial appointments. Additionally, a total of nine amendments, a review committee proposed to the USUAA Constitution after careful examination of our governing documents were also approved by the body.

Going forward, we are fully committed to playing our role in advancing the Culture of Respect to make sure every member of our community is safe. We will continue our efforts in learning more and tackling issues of hunger and homelessness at UAA.   

Lastly, USUAA would like to congratulate all the graduating students and wish the best of luck in their future endeavors. Happy Holidays!


Geser Bat-Erdene
UAA Student Body President
(907) 786-1206 | [email protected]