A fond farewell

Congratulations! Well done!

ashleyWhether this is your first year, your last, or somewhere in between; you made it!  The year is over and the long awaited break has gloriously arrived at last.

I, like most other students, have sighed in relief and anxiously await whatever new adventures come with this summer.

It wasn’t an easy road to get here; but then again what part of college is easy?

Through my college career I have been fortunate enough to partake in an organization that has introduced me to so many wonderful people and opportunities. The Northern Light has helped me grow in so many ways and on so many levels in the 3 1/2 years I have worked there. Starting out as a mere Web Editor in fall 2010 and working my way up to Features Editor, taking a quick break to try new things, re-enlisting in Spring 2013 as Managing Editor, and now finally making it to Executive Editor in Summer 2013.

Through the ups, the downs, the laughter, the tears, the craziness, the pride, the stress, the deadlines, and the publishing of our paper every week, we have persevered through it all.

The students who make this organization a reality are so dedicated and so hard working. I am proud to call them both my staff and my friends. Together we have done so much to bring UAA a weekly newspaper.

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Through the hard work of the staff, we have made it to 25 years of publication. While it is not much older than a majority of the students going to school here, it is a big accomplishment in our eyes. We also just won 6 awards at the Alaska Press Club Conference in which medias large and small all over Alaska compete in many different categories. We are looking forward to the results from the Associated Collegiate Press Contest as well as a few other contests we entered this year.
But now it is time for me to move on as both Editor and staff member of The Northern Light. It is an appropriate time for transition and will allow the next generation to bring a fresh new outlook to the paper. As my final farewell I hope to encourage others to experience what I have experienced. The Northern Light has opportunities for people of all different majors and skill sets. The same can be said about our sister media KRUA, UAA’s radio station.

Whether it be as a volunteer, a staff member, or an editor; I promise that you will get so much out of both organizations. The portfolio created, the experience earned, the connections made; all of it helps any student with their future goals and aspirations. ??It is the students who put their work into creating and publishing the paper. It is the students who keep the entire organization alive year after year. It is the students who leave with so much more than they came in with. ??Thank you for your support and I hope that years from now I can thank the future students for their support in keeping The Northern Light going years from now.