After Graduation

For seniors: What do you plan to do after graduation?
For alumni: What did you do after graduation?


Chloe Akers


Languages, Theatre

“After graduation, I just want to hug my parents and thank them for everything they’ve done and continue to do for me. I have them to thank for giving me the best life any child could ever have.”


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Nicole Deren


Journalism, Philosophy

“I plan to take some time off before pursuing more school, have a homework-free adventure and move to Portland. Try adulting.”


Cameron Cowles


Applied Science, Computer and Networking Technology

“I applied for a job in IT and I made 907 Gamers as a Facebook group. When I wasn’t hired, I focused more on the 907 Gamers project, and I’ve been focusing on that instead.”

Audri (768x1024)

Audri Pleas



“I finished my tenure at KRUA (88.1 FM), but I made it a point to be jobless until August. I went to New York, Spokane and Seattle for a three-week vacation, and I did a couple freelance articles with the Anchorage Press and that’s when I got real with myself.”