24 UAA athletes recognized with academic awards

With the conclusion of both the skiing and gymnastics seasons, both sports announced the recipients of their all-academic awards.

For skiing, the United States Collegiate Ski Coaches Association announced the 18 Seawolves that made the cut. They were named to the National Collegiate All-Academic Ski Team. UAA had the most eligible athletes out of all the teams honored.

Skiers must maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA and participate in one of three NCAA Regional Championships in order to receive the award.

Eligible under those requirements were Georgia Burgess, Marcus Deuling, Jenna Difoloco, Natalie Hynes, Michaela Keller-Miller, Tracen Knopp, Toomas Kollo, Tony Naciuk, Kristina Natalenko, Didrik Nilsen, Martins Onskulis, Hanna Rudd, James Schoonmaker, Mike Soetaert, Dominic Unterberger, Liam Wallace, Alix Wells and Casey Wright.

Nilsen, a freshman alpine skier, explained that he approaches his scheduling with a bit more laid-back attitude.

“Personally I don’t plan stuff too much. Regarding school, I pretty much do what I have to within the due dates. Planning too much makes me procrastinate even more so I try to be efficient when I have to,” Didrik said. “Doing school on the road is a little bit more challenging. Not being in class and actually making yourself do school on your own initiative isn’t always the easiest.”

Didrik also explained that he believes his team excels so well academically due to their “get-it-done” attitude. He emphasized that most of the team attempts to get the majority of their work done early so that they don’t have to worry about it while traveling and competing.

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In addition, the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation also announced the gymnasts eligible for the All-Academic team. In order to qualify, athletes must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA, be in their second season and have competed in 50 percent of the regular season meets.

Eligible for this honor are Mackenzie Miller, Isabelle Fox, Kennedy Green, Sophia Hyderally, Kaylin Mancari and Isabella Scalapino.

UAA gymnastics team lines up at a competition. Photo courtesy of Skip Hickey.

Miller, an accounting major, led the Seawolves with an overall GPA of 3.87.

“Balancing school and gymnastics has been something I’ve had to do my whole life. I learned how important time management was at a very young age. School and gymnastics have always been top priorities in my life, so making it work, in both areas, has been my focus,” Miller said.

She explained that having teammates equally as dedicated to both gymnastics and academics also helps tremendously.