2 for 0 in Hilo

UAA’s women basketball team traveled to Hilo on Dec. 14 to compete against Holy Names University and University of Hawaii at Hilo.

The women's basketball team is currently 9-1 this season. Credit: Andy Mead
The women’s basketball team is currently 9-1 this season. Credit: Andy Mead

Their first match was against Holy Names University, however, this wasn’t the first game of the season between the two. The teams previously competed at the Gator Invitational last month where UAA won 92-52.

HNU started off the match with a slight lead that was quickly closed with a 3-pointer from Sydni Stallworth. Although there were a few close calls, UAA did not let go of the lead once they got a hold of it.

By the end of the first period UAA was in the lead 22-11.

Ariana Hernandez from HNU scored the first points of the second period and was followed by a layup from UAA’s Kian McNair. The seawolves maintained their momentum throughout the second period which resulted in a score of 33-21.

HNU bounced back during the third period by trailing behind only four points at some parts. Despite five fouls from UAA, the team had a seven point lead by the end of the third period.

The tables turned in the fourth period when HNU had their share of five fouls. With or without the fouls, UAA came out on top again with a final score of 75-58.

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UAA competed against the University of Hawaii at Hilo the following night. The seawolves were up two points just 30 seconds into the first period.

University of Hawaii at Hilo quickly matched the pace set by UAA and the two teams were tied. The score at the end of the first period was 18-15 with UAA in the lead.

Six fouls and 17 points later, UAA maintained their lead throughout the second period.

By the third period UHH continued to fall behind in points. It took them three minutes to make their first point which set the tone for the rest of the period.

UAA continued to stay in the lead three periods into the game as the score was 59-42.

UHH was behind 20 points at the beginning of the last period. Although UHH tried to close the lead, they fell short.

With one minute left in the game UAA had five fouls and UHH had seven. The final score was 71-60 which meant for double the celebration as the women’s basketball team traveled home with two wins.

Just by looking at the scores it is easy to see that the women’s basketball team is having a great season overall, however, freshman Jahnna Hajdukovich knows what the teamwork is like first hand among the players.

“Being a freshman the inner workings of the team dynamic was very new to me at first so there was some getting used to,” said Hajdukovich. “But I think our teamwork has become better the closer that we have become to one and other. We all get along really well and we are truly a family that is striving to work our hardest to accomplish our goals collectively.”

With that being said, there are still some challenges that the team continues to handle.

“I think the biggest challenge that there has been is unfortunately losing people to injury and bouncing back from it,” said Hajdukovich. “It’s definitely adversity but, we are facing it head on and excepting that we as players will have to play different roles for the team to succeed.”

The women’s basketball team will be in action again on Jan. 3 at the Alaska Airlines Center where they will compete against longtime rival, Simon Fraser.

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