10 things I hate about you, and Valentines Day too

TB_BURNING_FLOWER_Small_for_webJevante Mcalister, a biological sciences student, vividly remembers the day he got his heart broken for the first time.

The anticipation led up to that fateful Valentine’s Day. All the hard work and preparation he put into his gift for his crush was going to culminate into something beautiful.

“I made my crush a Valentine’s Day box filled with chocolates, roses, all this stuff,” Mcalister said. “By the time Valentine’s Day came up, she told me that she had a boyfriend, and I was crushed.”

He did what many do — pretended it was just a joke and that it was really for someone else.

“I haven’t seen her since sixth grade,” Mcalister said, laughing.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a positive experience, while for others it could be straight-up annoying.

Human services student Dee Bonnie said she is annoyed that there are not enough campus-friendly events for the “mature.”

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“I’ve been invited to events like that upcoming Valentine’s Day dance. I don’t want to be a cougar dancing out there with who could be my great-grandson,” Bonnie said.

Meagan Wagner, a student studying to be a preschool social worker, didn’t mince words.

“I could care less about Valentine’s Day! All I think about is discounted chocolate,” Wagner said.

Danica Bryant, Career Services Center development coordinator, said she feels it puts pressure on single women and that she is annoyed by how Valentine’s Day puts all this expectation into one day.

“Love shouldn’t be on a specific day, it should be all year long,” Bryant said.

Sophie O’Connell, who is taking general studies courses, said she is annoyed with Valentine’s Day because of the different views she and her boyfriend have.

“He thinks it’s stupid and often completely forgets about it. I think that he and I could still do something special together and I am often times disappointed,” O’Connell said.

Human services student Holly White summed it up simply: “I hate the love and romance thing, period.”