‘Oatis’ christened ‘bad medicine’

Oatis Stout
Ninkasi Brewing,
Eugenem, OR
7.5% ABV, 45 IBU

I was excited about Ninkasi’s “Oatis” oatmeal stout, a beer style I love (stout) from a new brewery for both the national scene and myself. Nanksi dates its conception only as far back as June 2006.

The brewery is named after the Sumerian goddess of beer. “Worship the Goddess” is printed discreetly but proudly on the label. Yes, I was excited.

Unfortunately, however, “Oatis” fell flat.

Everything about this beer seemed right, everything: black color, chocolaty tan head, some sweet notes in the aroma, very intriguing.

Then the swallow: good initial flavor, full and chocolaty with a medium to heavy body, the flavor drops off in the middle, and then, the aftertaste.

First I noticed the hops building in the middle of the tongue rather than the back, not ideal. Then after a few swallows it started to manifest an aftertaste reminiscent of barium and bad lettuce.

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I tried to give “Oatis” the benefit of the doubt, poured from a 22oz. bottle it had time to recover. But the aftertaste never left, it only worsened.

A more appropriate christening of this beer: “Bad Medicine.”