‘Ise Kadoya’ ale a stunning surprise

Brown Ale
Ise Kadoya Microbrewery
Ise City, Japan
5% Abv.

I have to say, when I think of Japan and alcohol together, the combination usually equates to sake. So when I saw a selection of bottles in Anchorage’s La Bodega hailing from a Japanese microbrewery with a range from pale ale to stout, I thought it was certainly worth looking into.

And it certainly was worth looking into.

Ise Kadoya’s brown ale is a perfect representative of the style. The ale comes out with a mellow, opaque hue and a tan to white, thick, frothy head. The aroma, right off the bat, is striking – floral notes and sweet notes – you’re almost not sure what to expect.
Not to spoil the surprise, but expect it all.

Ise Kadoya’s brown ale runs the gamut on sensations all the way from the sip to the swallow. The sweet notes stay with you in the aroma. The carbonation strikes with authority, waking your tongue up for the following sour edgings and the healthy dose of hops, which seems to embed itself and build across the entire back half of the tongue and the back of the throat.

Overall, Ise Kadoya’s brown ale is an undeniable success and if it is an accurate herald to the rest of the Ise Kadoya line up, I hope I get a chance to try them all.