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Housing event cancellations annoying           

I'm a sophomore student living in student housing. I'm writing regarding the activities that are routinely posted around student housing. Today, I called a number posted on the door of West Hall about a trip to Whittier today to find out it was cancelled, just like the shuttle to the rock gym, a workshop on finding a summer job, a volunteering opportunity, “How to make Gak” workshop and a couple of other events I can't remember right now.

I've heard people, especially my R.A.'s (resident advisors), complaining about how few students in housing get involved or show up to events, but if events are constantly cancelled, why should you plan on going if there might be no one there?

Granted, missing “How to make Gak” is not a big deal, and I don't mind them not having those activities. But I'm just asking that if you can't get something together DON'T post it. Some other people, like me, might actually make plans around that poster-sized, monthly schedule posted everywhere in housing.

I do appreciate all efforts that housing and campus activities have made, and certainly don't want all of these events cancelled due to slight uncertainty. A good solution might be to require those organizing events to promptly post a cancellation if something falls through.

Even Evanson


Graduating student says thanks for the help

As I near graduation, I would like to take a moment to thank those special people at the University of Alaska Anchorage who have gone out of their way to help me attain my degree.

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I was a transfer student from another university down in the States, and had taken more classes while I was in the US Air Force. I had taken CLEP and DANTES tests for more credits. My transcripts are a thick wad of confusing paperwork. With the help of Deb Ginsburg in Enrollment Services, I have been able to get my classes first evaluated, then able to pinpoint which major might be best for me.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

That was when my technical advisor, Erie Johnson, stepped in. He looked at my classes, scratched his head, sat down with me many times, made many phone calls, looked up the different catalog years etc., and helped me decide each semester which classes to take. Sometimes it was like working a puzzle, trying to make each of the pieces fit. He took the time and effort to help.

After 22 years, I may finally be graduating. Thanks to all the hard working people behind the scenes at UAA. Thanks to the grounds people for making it such a beautiful place to walk. Thanks to the food service people for feeding me. Thanks to the maintenance people for keeping everything clean and working correctly. (I especially liked the high-tech equipment we got to use.) Thanks to the Technology Program professors and staff. And finally, thanks to the Community and Technical College for making it possible!

I would especially like to thank those at the Northern Lights Student Newspaper for allowing me to write articles and teaching me the ropes of newspaper publishing. It has been exciting, interesting and very fulfilling. I never realized how much was happening all around me without me noticing. Thanks, Cynthia Deike-Sims!

Denise K. Yancey

Bachelor of Science in Science Technology Program