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Frat bemoans term 'menace to society'                   

We recently read the Jan. 23 issue of the Northern Light in which there is an article that discusses the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The article begins in a non-biased informative manner describing the activities of SAE and the benefits that UAA receives from such organizations being on campus. We were proud to see that the Northern Light was interviewing one of our members and allowing some first hand information to reach UAA students. We do, however, find the accompanying excerpt related to the article and the characterization of the fraternities as a “menace to society” rather disturbing. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a nation wide not-for-profit organization that spans the United States of Canada.

The principle, that SAE was created to uphold (citizenship, leadership, friendship), stand as firm today as they did when it was created in 1856. The Alaska's chapter of SAE was initiated this year and its members strive to hold true to those principles that make the fraternity great. The excerpt was a series of stories about SAE chapters as far away as Florida, and their past problems with alcohol. None of these were Alaska's chapter, and the actions of other chapters are not within the purview or control of our group here in Anchorage.

We would appreciate it if in the future the local university newspaper would confine itself to local news. We understand that errors occur and ask that the editor respond to this request to represent us fairly and ensure that future misrepresentations of UAA's fraternity be screened from publication.

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alaska Alpha

Nick Steward, President


Online site impressive

Congratulations! I just checked out the Northern Light site and must say I'm very impressed. I am the managing editor at Senior Voice (a small monthly here in Anchorage published by a non-profit organization) and have been discussing a future presence on the web with my supervisor(s) for some time. It's great to see your paper's content translated so slickly onto the web. I'd be interested in talking with you to find out how it's done. Again, good job.

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David Washburn, Senior Voice

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates