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Amnesty International Club seeks members            

Amnesty International (AI) is a grassroots activist organization that works toward the observance of all human rights worldwide. It takes action to free prisoners of conscience, ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners, abolish death penalty and end extra judicial executions.

Everyone is aware to some extent of human rights violations that take place around the world, however not everybody realizes that he or she has an opportunity to take action and contribute to changing the world. The number of Amnesty International groups, including local groups, students and youth groups, and professional groups is increasing in many places, and now such group has been created at UAA.

Some of the goals of the AI Club at UAA include doing letter-writing campaigns on behalf of political prisoners or those who have been tortured or not granted a fair trial, taking action against specific abuses of human rights, and promoting awareness, understanding, and respect for human rights on campus and in the community.

To do this we need your help! AI club's effectiveness depends directly upon your interest and support. We encourage you to contribute your time, skills or ideas to help promote and protect human rights.

For more information about UAA Amnesty International Club please email [email protected] or call Chris at 562-2619.

Ilona Demenina, member UAA Amnesty International


No 'W' in Reynolds

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This letter is in response to the article titled “Casey Wreynolds – pledged for life” in your January 23-29 issue of The Northern Light. First and foremost, Casey's last name is misspelled. There is no “W” in his last name. If this was edited properly, this mistake could have been avoided. Also if the proper research were done, the correct spelling would have been discovered in the October 3 issue done on Sigma Alpha Epsilon's recognition as an organization on campus.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

The main reason for this letter, however, has to do with the box that was placed at the bottom of the article titled “Alcohol and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.” As a fellow Greek this insert appalls me. None of the alcohol-related incidents noted in tat box had anything to do with the Alaska Alpha chapter or UAA as a whole. You've planted an unnecessary seed in reader's minds. If John Doe's mom sees the article while he is going through recruitment or is in the middle of the education process, she'll automatically make the correlation Alcohol + Sigma Alpha Epsilon = Bad!

The fraternity has been a recognized organization for a little over 4 months and already you're trying to cause trouble for them. Had this been another organization, that box would not have even been a factor. However, since this is a fraternity, you wanted to spice it up a little and create a poor image of the group and its members.

As an editor of this student newspaper, it is your job to provide information that is relevant and pertinent to the UAA community, not spread gossip to cater to our ego or make an organization look bad because of your personal bias against them. The University of Florida, Missouri University and Cal-State University are not part of our community, and therefore have no basis for being in the article. I think this was handled very poorly and unprofessionally on your part and you owe the members of the Alaska Alpha chapter a public apology.

Dionne A. Myers