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`He said; she said' article about poem

Victoria Kondor's article concerning the poem “Indian Girl” by Linda McCarriston left me disappointed and sad. The issues involved with Diane Benson's reaction to a painful poem is hardly analyzed and one is left with interviews of people taking sides in a controversy that many fail to appreciate.            

In the “he said; she said” of class interactions, the contrived and exploited description of demonstrators playing drums, the lack of understanding of the Native: Anchorage: UAA divide, all contribute to making the actual importance of McCarriston's poem dimmed.

There is no place to go with such polarization. However, two crucial themes should be addressed: the demands of the literary profession in our web-like world and “what part of `ouch' don't you understand?” Let's leave martyrdom to the Lower 48.

Rachel Epstein, UAA Bookstore clerk