Young talent makes noise in hardcore and electronic world

It’s hard to believe when listening to Idiot Pilot’s “Strange We Should Meet Here” that so much noise can be made by just two people. It’s even harder to believe that those two people are teenagers. Micheal Harris and Daniel Anderson are both 19 years old.

Harris (vocals) and Anderson (guitar/keyboard) are carving their own niche in music. “Strange We Should Meet Here,” the band’s debut full-length album, is as creative and volatile as an album can be. It’s rowdy, tweaked, soothing and scattered all at the same time. And while that may sound like a mess, Idiot Pilot manages its collection of sounds with the adeptness of veteran musicians.

The best way to sum up Idiot Pilot’s sound is a mix of post-hardcore and electronic – sort of like Radiohead getting mugged by the Blood Brothers. This style can be clearly heard in the song “To Buy a Gun,” where Harris follows clean and robust vocals with an onslaught of rage. This verbal madness is all backed by Anderson’s screeching guitar and waves of layered keyboard.

Idiot Pilot may be hard to describe, but they’re easy to explain: They’re really damn good. This is relieving for a couple of reasons. Not only do they provide incredible music now, but they promise hope for the future of music. If two 19-year-olds are this good now, just imagine what they’ll be capable of in five years.