You stay classy Fairbanks, we expect nothing else

By Megan Edge with collaboration from Taylor Hall and Patrick McCormick.

Before we get into the bashing segment of this article, we need to first get everyone up to speed here at UAA.

For those who don’t know, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks is hosting a taco feed while they broadcast the 2nd game of Governor’s Cup from Anchorage against the ‘Wolves Feb. 26.

UAF, who decided to drop the Fairbanks part of their name to call themselves the Alaska Nanooks in athletics, have pulled yet another typical Fairbanks move. Unfortunately, it’s something we’ve never seen before.

They are expanding on their motto from last year (don’t think we forgot those cute shirts you put all that hard work into with the ridiculous looking ”wolf mermaid” on those blue shirts). This year, their motto is “What’s a Seawolf? Its what’s for dinner.”

Yes, this is the classy catch phrase of the UA_ Nanooks. They are going to fly in a fish, nicknamed the seawolf, and have Seawolf tacos during the game.

Jokes on them though, have they seen an Anarhichas lupus, also knows as an Atlantic Wolfish. It is nicknamed a Seawolf due to its size and teeth.

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However, it looks nothing like what our Seawolf looks like and really doesn’t have a connection with what our mascot represents or what it stands for.

It also looks like nothing that looks like that will ever come close our mouths.

They live in Fairbanks though: I guess they have to find something to entertain themselves. Too bad they are only helping endanger the species of Atlantic Wolfish, whose current status is a species of concern.

The Nanooks, of all people (or mammals), should be concerned with endangered species.

For those of you who don’t know, the name Nanook is the Inupiaq Eskimo word for polar bear. A species in which has been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act since 2008.

So maybe we should have a polar bear feed and take a page out of your book, Fairbanks. Oh wait, we have more class than that and much better things to do (we’ll start by beating you in basketball and hockey these upcoming weeks).

We probably shouldn’t expect any less from UA_. The high-class group of people who put this together is from Fairbanks; a town, where even its students and faculty are even ashamed to call it their own. Recently the University of Alaska athletics dropped Fairbanks from their title, and now strictly go by the University of Alaska.

If they are really that ashamed of living in Fairbanks they should probably completely remove it from their title. The UA_ website hasn’t yet removed the F from their logo.

Come on now, at least complete the job and do something right.

Hockey, however, is the only sport UA_ will talk smack about. How are those Nanook basketball and volleyball teams doing? Can you see our teams from that far down in the standings?

I don’t know why though. So you took the Governor’s Cup home last year, it doesn’t mean much it was your first time since 2006, and our boys will soon be taking it back. We had to give you something to look at besides each other.

Well Fairbanks, we hope your bite into the “Atlantic Wolfish” tacos compensates for your upcoming devastating loss.

Enjoy your meal and Bon Appétit!

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