Yet another music genre emerges

Do you ever think that there are too many music genres to remember? It used to be simpler. In the ’90s, music tended to fall in to one of six genres: metal, country, punk, rap, pop or alternative rock. Today, you have to navigate a clusterfuck of about a thousand. In rock alone, the genres are almost impossible to keep track of: prog-rock, indie rock, post-rock, hard rock, emo. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.

Yet another genre is in the works: death ska (you guessed it, ska plus metal). Normally, I would cringe at the introduction of a new genre. But Folly, the band responsible for death ska, is utterly incredible. They blend the abrasive differences between ska and metal with ease and perfection.

Folly’s second album, “Resist Convenience,” was released late last month. It encapsulates all the madness that makes the band what it is. The tracks on “Resist Convenience” combine the accessibility of punk, the crunchiness of hardcore and the danceability of ska into one epic sound. The end result is like nothing you’ve ever heard. You may decide it’s everything you’ve ever needed.

I predict that in three months, death ska will be everywhere. People will dance-fight in the streets. Hardcore kids will start wearing Operation Ivy shirts. Folly will triumph as the new craze among youth. Death ska will join the ranks of acknowledged music genres.

Maybe one more won’t kill us.