Women’s coach discusses number one standing

After being voted No. 1 in
the nation on Feb. 3, the Seawolf
women have extended their
winning streak to 22 games
straight and focus on working one
game at a time to remain on top.
In his third season as head
coach for the women’s basketball
team, Tim Moser has continually
improved the team each year. In
his fi rst year, Coach Moser helped
the women improve their record
during their 2006-2007 season,
coached them into the Division
II Elite Eight in their 2007-2008
season, and has now spurred them
into the No. 1 spot in the nation.
The Northern Light recently
sat down with Coach Moser to
discuss the Seawolves’ success
and thoughts on being number
TNL: How often do teams stay
number one for this long?
TM: I don’t know. I think last
year a team did it for pretty much
the whole year but on the Men’s
Basketball side in Division 1,
it seems like it [changes] every
week. We don’t expect to stay
there all year, you know, it is
really a tough road. Our kids are
taking pride in it, we want to hang
on to it as much as we can but I
don’t think it’s something we’re
focusing on too much. It’s kind of
a neat respect thing.
TNL: At the beginning of the
season, not only from talking
with you but with how the team
played together, there seemed to
be doubts of how well the team
would do. How well do you think
they have changed that?
TM: As coaching staff, we
thought we were going to be good
but when you lose Maria [Nilsson]
and Jenn [Salazaar] and Kahlie
[Quinones] last year off the team,
we didn’t know if we could replace
the width. We think we did a good
job recruiting and we always have
some good players in here. So I
think the kids have done a really
good job stepping up, but I would
have never guessed that we would
be winning [22] straight and being
number one. I guess the kids have
exceeded our expectations with
that. We still haven’t accomplished
what we really set out to do yet,
but on the way it is a neat thing
to do.
TNL: Does it ever get to
the women mentally, as far as
thinking, ‘we’re number one;
everyone is after us’?
TM: I think we are seeing
that here, people are asking about
what’s going on with how we are
playing and this and that. I think
that the other teams have a lot to
do with that too. I mean Western
Washington, Montana State
Billings and Fairbanks- everyone’s
coming in here with nothing to
lose and they are playing really
well so we are seeing their best
shot. The kids, at 18 and 22 years
old, they’ve got to bring their
A-game or they’re going to get
bit. In truth, I don’t think we have
played extremely well, but they
have found a way to win when it’s
gotten close
TNL: Any other great things
about being number one?
TM: It’s something that we
want to shoot for now. And it helps
us in recruiting; we can go out and
say that we are respected as the
number one team in the country.
I don’t know if we are legitimately
that. I guess that will play out in
But there are a lot of things. I
read a quote somewhere today that
said we are on a perch and people
are trying to knock us off. It’s
going to be hard; we just want to
try and fi ght and give it their best
shot as long as we can.
TNL: Being that you are
number one right now, does that
mean that West Regions will be
here or is that undecided?
TM: It’s undecided; there is still
a lot of play. I think it’s between us,
San Diego and Seattle Pacifi c. We
probably need to win [everything]
or only lose one game, which is
going to be hard for us. But at the
end of it, our last game is March 7
and the Selection Committee goes
March 8, and that’s when we will
know for sure.
TNL: How is that change in the
West Regions affecting things?
(On Feb. 9 the NCAA announced
a change to cut costs for other
teams by changing tournament
requirements if seven of the nonhost
schools have to fl y.)
TM: We’re not talking about
it much because we have so much
more to do. It’s something that
I’ll let Dr. [Steve] Cobb and those
guys deal with, but for me, I think
it’s frustrating because there is
obviously not a fairness issue
between us and Seattle Pacifi c and
some of the other teams. It gives us
and the Hawaii schools, and even
Billings and Nazarene probably,
a less of a chance to host. It’s not
really an equal opportunity type of
situation to host the tournament.
And our men did it last year and I
think we put on a great tournament
here so I don’t know why they
wouldn’t let the women do it. I
mean I’m not saying that we are
going to do it but we’d like to have
the opportunity to