Wintervention inspires snowboarders, skiers

This is for anyone who has ever called in sick to work, skipped school, or blew off a date to shred a bit of that fluffy white powder.

This is for anyone who is overworked and underpaid. Who studies for hours to get a C on a test. Anyone who needs a quick fix to life’s issues.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Wintervention.

Warren Miller’s 61st film premiered in Anchorage Oct. 27 at the Center for the Performing Arts. The film brought in views of all ages, in their best flannels and neon jackets.

The film features some of the snow sport world’s most talked about icons searching the globe for the most rare, sacred and untouched powder in the world. Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Lindsey Vonn, Hugo Harris, Andy Mahre, Jossi Wells and Zach Black are just a few of the talented riders featured in the film.

Wintervention is narrated by skiing legend Jonny Moseley. Moseley was the first Puerto Rican to compete on the U.S. ski team and is best known for performing the trick “the dinner roll.”

The first stop on Wintervention was Antarctica. The soothing sounds of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros played while the fantasies of many skiers were discussed.

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“There just aren’t that many places where we haven’t been,” Moseley said.

The beauty of the sport was brought to life. Kip Garre, Andrew Mclean, John Morrison and Doug Stoup go to the edges of the world to explore the untouched snow of the Antarctic. This winter wonderland becomes a paradise for the worlds biggest snow junkies.

“The highest, driest, coldest continent on the planet” Stoup said, who talked about the intensity of the continent’s conditions. “It holds 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of the world’s fresh water. The place is unreal.”

For most, high, dry and cold, is far from desirable, but watching the powder spray behind the skiers and seeing nothing but clear blue ocean in front of them can make even the biggest beach bunny want to experience the untouched natural beauty first hand.

The film flew you from the Antarctic, to Austria’s Arlberg Region. Athletes Karine Pedersen, Lorrain Huber and Hugo Harrison highlight the unique coulter, terrain and modern skiing the country has to offer. This dreamlike country, where villages are connected by ski lifts, comes to life.

“I spent more time in Ski School than actual school,” Huber said, who spoke of a dream come true for anyone who has to watch the fresh powder come down through an office or school window.

Harrison has spent most of retirement shredding Austria’s fine snow and shows Sevier dedication. Harrison has been skiing the last three years with a bone spur the size of a bouncy ball on the back of his heel.

Moseley, Andy Mahre, Craig McGee and Lindsey Anderson changed the scene and took the viewers on a journey to the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia. Moseley and Mahre pay a tribute to Austrian Hans Gmoser, who introduced heli-skiing the BC Mountains. The endless snow on the mountains, is somewhat like chasing gold at the end of the rainbow – it won’t happen.

The snow seems to be never ending.

“It’s totally magic out there,” Anderson said.

If adrenalin is what your looking for then maybe New Zealand is the place for you. Mike Wilson, Tim Dutton, Chris Booth and Tony Harrington bring that to life. New Zealand hosts the annual Heli Challenge, the largest big mountain competition in the world. The competition showcases athletes on some of the biggest peaks, doing the biggest air and taking the biggest falls.

“There is only so much you can do in a terrain park or on a race course,” Harrington said.

Wintervention also highlighted Colorado’s Vail Resort, Telluride, Colorado, Gudari Georgia, Southern Utah and Svalbard, Norway.

The film showed that skiing and snowboarding isn’t all fresh powder and snowflakes; it’s broken bones, big falls and determination.

Warren Miller entertainment traveled to our own Girdwood, Alaska for this film. Professional ski mountaineers Chris Davenport and Stian Hagn, showoff the most complicated peaks of the Chugiak Range.

Davenport also goes in depth on mountain safety, as he shreds some of the world’s steepest terrain.

“I am a skier,” Davenport said. “That just defines me. I love the adrenaline rush and I love the excitement of being out there, the beauty of the mountains, being with friends and being in incredible locations.”

Wintervention is a real fantasy, a dream come true and an inspiration to live to be the happiest you can be.

“Sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry and just have a good time.” Lexi Dupont said.

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