Why kiss and tell when you can kiss and show?

Kissing has a vast and extremely complicated history, believed to have evolved from its original purpose of a mother showing affection to her infant, to the modern interpretation where kisses can be for anyone and for many different purposes.

The words “to kiss” are derived from the Old English word “cyssan” and kissing is now most commonly used as an expression of love, friendship, affection, greeting, or even respect.

Kisses can come in many forms depending on the way they are delivered: There are those that are simple like pecks on the cheek. Some are reserved for passionate, and hopefully private, moments.

Lastly there are downright odd ones that many people have never even heard of, but add some variety to a relationship. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by surprising your significant other with a new and creative kiss, which will surely bring some extra spark on the occasion!

Angel Kisses are the sweet, loving kisses where a person closes their partner’s eyes and gently kisses them.

Butterfly kisses are the opposite of angel kisses, where your eyes do the ‘kissing,’ by slowly blinking so that your eyelashes barely touch the skin of your partner causing a slight tickling sensation.

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Dizzy kisses can be fun but hazardous. You and your partner spin around in circles for a minute or two and then try to kiss each other, just be sure not to bonk heads or fall over.

Eskimo kisses are derived from the Inuit greeting called kunik and are most commonly seen as two people putting their noses together and rubbing them back and forth.
Hand kisses, just as it sounds, involve taking another’s hand and kissing the top of it lightly.  Who says chivalry is dead?

Hot n Cold kisses
, with no affiliation to Katy Perry, are meant to bring on a unique feeling to the lips. One partner puts an ice cube to the lips for a few minutes until the lips feel numb, and the other places something warm (like a coffee mug) to theirs to warm them up. Then when the lips meet there will be the sensation of hot and cold alternating through the kiss.

Pop rock kisses can really add a little spark to the kiss. Fill your mouth with pop rocks and start kissing. The popping will intensify the kiss making it sizzle.

Spiderman kisses aren’t just for superheroes anymore! While your partner is sitting down, come up behind them and lean over them, tilt their head back, and kiss them upside down. Or for those who are on the shorter side, it can be accomplished while your partner is lying down.

Underwater Kisses are performed, obviously, underwater and preferably in a pool as long as both parties can swim. Both go underwater and start kissing and slowly float back to the top while kissing.