Who is trending up and who is trending down in the NFL

Trending up!

Outhouse to the Penthouse

1. The rise of the proverbial doormats continues to impress and surprise us. Ok, hands up if you had the 49ers, Bills, and Lions as being in the discussion of best teams in the league, much less that they would even be above .500? Anyone? Yeah, thought so. But they continue to prove us wrong and have us here believing they may be for real.

The “Suck for Luck” race heats up

2. Hey! Miami and Indianapolis! You guys are that much closer to winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes! Have you seen him play lately? Man, he’s sure got franchise written all over him! The future sure looks bright for one of you! And hey, who cares about this season, right? Winning isn’t everything! And you have each other! Go on with your pitiful seasons with a big smile on your face and just be sure to tune into Stanford games every Saturday!

Hey, field goals can still decide games!

3. 27 of the 116 games played so far this season (as of Nov. 4) have been decided by three or less points in the NFL. At a first glance, this may not seem like a big deal, however, this puts kickers under a microscope that much mire. Also, I crunched some numbers and I found out that collectively this year, NFL kickers have hit 45 of 63 field goals from 50 or more yards (as of Nov. 4). That’s good for a 71.4 percent conversion rate. I may just be pumping the kickers tires but that isn’t exactly an easy business. Remember, kickers are often remembered for their misses rather than their conversions. Show them some love every once in a while!

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Honorable Mentions go out to: “Dream Team” Eagles, who may be taking flight finally; Rookie quarterbacks Andy Dalton and Cam Newton look like they may not just be momentary flashes of brilliance, likelihood that Pittsburgh and Green Bay may be headed towards giving us a Super Bowl rematch.

Trending Down!

Love affair with Tebow growing cold

1. “Tebowing” sure was fun for a week or so. How’s the honeymoon going now, Denver? Yes, he has two wins in three games but his 75.1 passer rating isn’t going to continue to go unnoticed when they actually play some tough opponents. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t have any beef with the man. He seems like a pretty good guy who could be a good quarterback…if he dressed up like Aaron Rodgers next Halloween. but he is also By the way, anyone who hasn’t already seen it, please go search Detroit Linebacker Stephen Tulloch “Tebowing” over Tebow himself, it doesn’t get much better.

Two heads isn’t always better than one

2. There are some downright frightening quarterback duos out there. Chad Henne and Matt Moore in Miami, Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst in Seattle, Rex Grossman and John Beck in Washington, and starting Donovan McNabb and benched Donovan McNabb in Minnesota. These terrible twos may have some teams even considering putting in a call to a certain 14-time retired quarterback who’s home cutting grass in Mississippi right about now.

Will the real Chris Johnson please stand up?

3. Titans Running Back Chris Johnson is sure making his case to as biggest flop this season. The leagues leading rusher since 2008 has only one touchdown and one 100-plus rushing yards game to date since he finally ended his tantrum…(cough and clears throat), er sorry, his preseason holdout. His four-year, $53.5 million dollar contract must be slowing him down, right? Fantasy owners relying on his services have to be losing sleep on whether or not to trade, or even waive this guy as he continues to un-impress.

Dishonorable Mentions go out to: Job security in the NFL: someone has to get fired soon!, The AFC West teams are a combined negative 160 points against their opponents this season through week 9…ouch, Kevin Kolb’s game remains ice cold even in the Arizona heat.