Voters say keep Alaska laws the same

The hot topics and candidates on the ballot drew 49.2 percent of Alaskan voters to the polls on Nov. 7. Those voters decided to keep the current laws. Ballot Measures 1 through 5 were defeated, while the approval of Ballot Measure 6 rejected a legislative law that overturned a 1996 ballot measure.

The most decisive refusal by Alaskans was Ballot Measure 3. That ballot measure, if approved, would have amended the state constitution to allow the permanent fund to be managed by public corporations, whose members would be appointed by the governor. The ballot measure was largely unpublicized and went down in sharp defeat, with a 72.54 percent “No” vote and 27.46 percent “Yes” vote.

Ballot Measures 4 and 5 also failed after being fiercely debated.

Ballot Measure 5, which would have allowed the use of hemp products, including marijuana, was defeated with a 60.44 percent “No” vote with all precincts reporting. It received a 39.56 percent “Yes” vote.

Alaskan voters also shot down Ballot Measure 4, the tax cap initiative. With all precincts reporting, the initiative received a 71.50 percent “No” and a 28.50 percent “Yes” vote.

The constitutional amendment prohibiting voter initiatives about wildlife, Ballot Measure 1, received 35.84 percent “Yes” votes and a 64.16 percent “No” vote.

Alaskan voters also refused to limit the court's power to change the language of an amendment, on Ballot Measure 2. The ballot measure received a 57.60 percent rejection.

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The closest race was on Ballot Measure 6, which asked Alaskans to decide, for the second time in four years, whether to allow hunters to fly and shoot wolves on the same day. Voters rejected the legislative initiative with a 52.81 percent “Yes” vote, retaining their position on the original 1996 vote.

This information came from the unofficial election summary report posted by the Anchorage Daily News, and is based on the precincts that reported and the votes that were counted. The results do not include absentee or international ballots.