V-Day candy leaves bitter taste

People are saying that love is in the air, even though I only see snowflakes.

Chocolates and candies in heart-shaped boxes line the aisles in grocery stores.

Greeting cards burst with every shade of red and pink possible.

Valentine's Day is staged for the theatre of romance. Everyone scuttles to perform his or her role.

Don't let me stop the excitement. I know some men are eager to wait in line with all the other guys at the flower shops, at the last minute. They want to prove that they really didn't forget.

In the end, you get to express your affection to your beloved on a day set aside specifically for that purpose.

Except those who are alone.

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But they are not the ones who should be pitied. Pity the non-romantic ones whose sweethearts have expectations in the clouds of Venus.

If you were romantic and creative last year, you may think you can just get some roses and be done with it.


That just means last year must be surpassed.

Break out the cash, because wine isn't cheap. Cooking saves money, but not always relationships. This all sounds like so much work.

It is exhausting. Those who are alone have it made.

If you are unable to figure what to do this holiday, go online. You can read the guide to a successful and romantic Valentine's Day. And then order the gift the site is selling, the one every lover must obtain.

Valentine's Day is just a day that makes more money than love.

I tried the romantic approach last year cooking dinner, bringing flowers. It didn't help. The relationship had already grown cold, and Valentine's Day didn't help it thaw.

This year I'm spending it alone with Barbra Streisand on Fox 4.

But you go ahead and celebrate. Smell the roses and eat the candy. But beware you may be left with a bitter taste in your mouth.