Vagina, vagina, vagina

The celebrated and provocative play ‘The Vagina Monologues’ will entertain Anchorage audiences this weekend with seven scheduled performances at the Discovery Theatre.

‘The Monologues’ originated when playwright Eve Ensler interviewed over 200 diverse women and wrote a compelling play based on all the emotions, good and bad, that surround the vagina. Beginning as an Off-Broadway production, this play has expanded to over 40 countries and two North American tours that are currently visiting 140 cities.

‘It”s an extremely powerful piece,’ Lanie Dreas, an Events Director at the Anchorage Concert Association, said. ‘The show itself was extremely well-received (when Out North performed the play locally).’

Jayson Smart, Outgoing Marketing Director for the Anchorage Concert Association, said he was happy to work with Jam Theatricals to bring this production to Anchorage.

The current tour was specifically designed to incorporate a rotating cast and several guest stars. Edie McClurg, Rhonda Ross and Glynis Bell will be performing for the Anchorage portion of the tour.

McClurg is most likely best known for her performance as the Grace, the school secretary, in ‘Ferris Bueller”s Day Off.’ Ross and Bell are both established New York actors.

Portions of the local ticket sales will be donated directly to V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls, which was originally established through ‘The Monologues’ production. Part of this money will be given to Abused Women”s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) in Anchorage.

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Shows are held on Sept. 12 at 8 p.m., Sept. 13 at 6 and 9 p.m., Sept. 14 at 5 and 8 p.m., and Sept. 15 at 2 and 7 p.m. Tickets cost $33-$43. A special student fee of $20 will be offered for the Sept. 12 performance available two hours prior to curtain. Visit Carrs Tix or call 800-478-SEAT for tickets.