USUAA President heaps praise onto UAF hockey team

The UAF Nanooks are the best collegiate hockey team in the state of Alaska–according to USUAA President Miles  Brookes and a proposed resolution from UAA’s student government.

On the 28th of February, President Brookes released an official resolution calling for the UAF Nanooks to be recognized as the best collegiate hockey team in the state of Alaska. The resolution followed the Nanooks’ claim of the 2011 Alaska Airlines Governor’s Cup, in which UAA and UAF split the series and UAF took victory through the resulting shootout.

According to the official statement, the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) President Nicole Carvajal and the Union of Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA) President Miles Brookes placed a “friendly wager” on the outcome of the Governor’s Cup competition. As a result of the UAF win, President Brookes is now proposing that UAA offer public praise toward UAF’s “giant cup glory.”

He claims that this will “build a healthy environment of competition and relations between the two campuses.”

If the Assembly passes the legislation, Brookes would like to send a formalized copy of the resolution to ASUAF President Carvajal for public display at UAF. In addition, the legislation would also be sent to UAA Chancellor Fran Ulmer, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Bruce Shultz, and UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers.

President Brookes didn’t have much to say when asked about his wager.

“This is just a friendly bet between Nicole Carvajal and I,” he said. “We would like the two schools to form a friendly and competitive bond, and I believe this should become an annual thing in which we can both celebrate.”

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The other Senators of USUAA said they had no involvement at all in the proceedings, therefore had no comment to give.

This wager has stirred up a lot of heated discussion outside of the USUAA, particularly among the student body.

“Rivalry is what drives college sports!” said Philip Schmidt, a freshman at UAA. “By praising another school for beating us, we’re basically killing the competitive drive that fuels our rival games. It’s like saying, ‘Ooh good job guys, we’ll get you next year!’ That’s not the attitude I want to have at all when I go to the Governor’s Cup.”

Torren Harrison, also a freshman, had more to say on the subject.

“I can see how the President would think how he’s encouraging school spirit and competition by doing this, but we’re not in middle school anymore.”

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