USUAA observes budgets of student organizations

Budgets were the main focus of the USUAA Meeting on Friday, from the financial situations of the Concert Board and Student Media Board, to a proposed housing fee increase for on-campus students.

USUAA devoted over half an hour of the meeting to going over the budgets of various organizations on campus. These included the budgets of KRUA 88.1 FM, The Northern Light, and the Concert Board, focusing on such aspects such as contractual obligations, commodities, and total projected expenses.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was made clear that USUAA has no actual authority over the budgets of these organizations. The presentations were merely a gesture, rather than having any relevance toward USUAA proceedings.

Essentially, more than half of the meeting went to non-relevant topics.

One interesting discussion that surfaced briefly during the meeting was an observation that on-campus living costs were going to be increased by $250 for the coming semesters. Not much information was known about this apparent increase.

“We had a motion, apparently there’s been an increase of $250 per room per semester for living,” one senator stated. “We’re going to generate a letter asking for clarification on why there’s been an increase.”

“From what I’ve heard about the increase of living prices on campus, they were attributing it to the rising cost of electricity, and the facilities and the stuff that provided for living on campus,” another senator supplied.

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The actual reasons for why electricity and facility costs could be rising were not discussed, and USUAA moved on quickly to another topic.

On an ending note to the meeting, it was stated that USUAA plans to rename the dormitories on campus. A naming committee was voted upon, with candidates confined specifically to USUAA members. The intention was given to replace the old titles of North, West, and East Halls with names of UAA alumni and important Alaskan figures.