UPD hires new dispatcher

Traun Green is on the job. As the most recent addition to UAA's University Police Department staff, Green began training for his new position as Emergency Dispatcher last month. He replaced Peter Summers, who had taken another position within the department.

“We do anything from transferring calls to other departments to actually dispatching the officers to emergencies,” Green said. “We are sort of liaisons between officers and students.”

Green is a lifelong Alaskan. He became interested in law enforcement because he has several relatives in the Anchorage Police Department. Green coaches YMCA basketball during the winter and enjoys camping and fishing in his spare time. When asked what he most looked forward to about his new job Green replied, “learning something new everyday and meeting new people.”

Green reminds students they should call about “emergencies, suspicious people in cars, and loud noise complaints. They should not call for lost library books.” Callers should remain calm when relaying events to dispatchers and should not hang up until advised. There is an Emergency Dispatcher on duty at all times at the UPD office located in ESB 114. They can be contacted at 768-1120.