Upcoming talent show brings UAA performers to the forefront

Photos courtesy of Student Activities
Courtesy of Student Activities

An estimated 70 percent of all human communication is nonverbal. The nonverbal and verbal cues people give each other are celebrated around the world every day.

UAA will add its name to that list at the upcoming talent show Mar. 29 in the Student Union South Cafeteria.

Student Activity coordinator Balogun Bishop is running the show.

“I feel like the talent show is more than just a show,” Bishop said. “Some people have talent, but they never use it. … The talent show helps give them the confidence to perform.”

All performers are welcome, from singers and dancers to magicians and acrobats. One prospective performer is undeclared freshman Carl Bartenstein.

“(Music) is an escape … It’s a way of life” said Bartenstein. He has been drumming since his freshman year of high school.

He plays drums for two local bands, Thunderfish and The Kite. Bartenstein hopes to play with one of those bands in the upcoming talent show.

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“We’ll play (the talent show) if they take us,” he said.

Bishop is encouraged by the influx of performers. “I feel like talent should not be wasted,” he said. “It should be used.”

Despite some difficulties, last semester’s show was received well.

Bishop hopes to see a wider variety of performances this semester.

A member of the Hip Hop club performs at last year’s talent show.
A member of the Hip Hop club performs at last year’s talent show.

“I want to see something I haven’t seen before,” Bishop said. “Maybe we can get some professors in the show.”

Bishop himself is a performer and knows the adrenaline associated with taking the stage and offered advice to those apprehensive about being center stage.

“Do one thing that you like to do. Only you know how to do it,” he said. “You’ll feel so much happier when you break out of your comfort zone.”

With new talents signing up everyday, this year’s show already promises to be bigger and better than last semester’s.


The UAA Talent Show will take place at 5:30 p.m. Mar. 29 in the Student Union South Cafeteria. Attendance is free for performers and attendees. Prospective participants must sign up by March 23, and rehearsal dates are to be decided.