Ulmer announces retirement

First the president, now the chancellor.

On Friday, UAA Chancellor Fran Ulmer issued a press release announcing her retirement in 2011 for a variety of personal and professional reasons.

“There are several things I would like to do while I am still able, a few of which may be difficult while in my current position as chancellor,” Ulmer wrote in a press release. “I hope to work on public policy issues in Alaska, either independently or affiliated with the University. Writing, lecturing and policy research are still calling to me. Several family health issues have reminded us that we are not invincible.”

Ulmer did not apply for the position of UA President, instead choosing to stay in her current position at UAA.

Before retiring Ulmer wishes to wrap up the pending process of accreditation, fill the position for director of Mat-Su College and aid the new UA president in his or her first year.

Some of her more recent contributions to UAA include aiding in the completion of, the Conoco Phillips Integrated Science Building and an adjacent parking garage.

Chancellor Ulmer has served as the chancellor of UAA since May of 2007. The position is the most recent in a long line of public service. For 35 years Ulmer has been in public service at the local, state and national level. Among her most distinguished positions are mayor of Juneau and lieutenant governor of Alaska.

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As chancellor, Ulmer was responsible for governing UAA and its eight campuses, with the UA president governing as the system-wide chief executive.

“I love UAA and its many campuses, programs and remarkable people,” Ulmer wrote. “I am enthusiastic about the progress we can make together over the next 18 months and beyond.”