UAF heads to Seawolf territory for their chance to try and take down No. 1 UAA

Though it’s not a Cinderella or a coach Carter story, the tale of the Seawolves Volleyball season is one for the books. Win after win; the Seawolves seem to be invincible. The last eight games, which began after their loss to Montana State, have been a roll for the Seawolves, their most recent victory coming against Western Oregon.

Teams have come and gone. Some have come again, and still UAA stays at the top of the conference. UAF will be the next challenger to try and knock down the number one team. The Seawolves and Nanooks faced off on Oct. 10, and UAA won 3 sets to none.

Now it is UAF’s turn to come to the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. The Nanooks, currently at 10-12 on the season, are holding a two game winning streak. Their wins coming against Central Washington and St. Martins Universities.

“They are playing better than they were when we played them last,” said coach Green. They are our in state rivals, and will be looking for revenge.”

UAA has only three more games, all at home. If they can win this one against UAF, they will do something the Seawolves haven’t done in over four years, beat UAF at home. Also, UAA has their first place ranking to focus on.

“With five games left, anything can happen, so we are staying focused on taking one game at a time” Green commented. “The coaching staff is excited that we are in the hunt for a conference championship.”

If the staff is excited then just imagine how the players feel. A few of them are in their final years and do not have another chance to win a conference title. In the beginning of the season coach Green relied on his few veteran players to carry the team. Now everyone is in the mix and playing well.

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“We have improved offensively. Our kill percentage has increased dramatically from the beginning of the year. Our passers have definitely gotten better and the offense is more consistent. Defensively, I think we have also improved.” Green said.

This trend of good decision-making and intense play must continue for the Seawolves to achieve their goals and win the Conference Title. As of right now, they have already improved their record from last year, sitting at 17-7, but that is not enough for these ladies. They want to win it all.