UAA student out of jail

A University of Alaska Anchorage student was released from jail last week, having served time for a domestic violence warrant, but may have to go back if the District Attorneys’ Office decides to grant the University Police Department a warrant for possession of cocaine.

While being implicated as a possible suspect for one crime, Charles Bibbs was arrested by UPD on Sept. 16 upon the discovery of an outstanding city warrant for domestic violence. While making the routine pat down during the arrest, UPD Officer John Bass found a metal smoking pipe in Bibbs’ pocket.

During the month he spent in jail for the assault warrant, the crime lab was running tests on the pipe. The results came back to UPD on Oct. 23 and university police Chief Dale Pittman is working with the District Attorneys’ Office to make a drug possession charge.

The District Attorneys’ Office has not decided whether to grant a new warrant for Bibbs yet.

“Sometimes they don’t go for trace evidence in a pipe,” Pittman said.

On Sept. 11, a university-owned laptop was reported stolen from a campus computer lab. During the UPD investigation, Bibbs’ name came up as a possible suspect and by Sept. 16, officer John Bass went to Bibbs’ off-campus home to serve a search warrant for the computer.

When Bass arrived at Bibbs’ residence, he was home. The officer ran Bibbs’ information through the computer system. Bibbs’ name came up for the outstanding assault warrant issued by the Anchorage Police Department.

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“When we ran him in the computer the warrant came up. Sometimes that happens a lot. You have to act on it and take them in,” Bass said.

Bibbs was admitted into the city jail that day but was released Oct. 25 having pleaded to the charge and served a month’s time. Bibbs was not available for comment about the situation.

The computer was not found in Bibbs’ home that day and the theft is still being investigated.