UAA’s talented poets perform at Spoken Word

Tuesday night held laughs, fresh talent and some Jonah Hill in the UAA Student Union Den. New and old voices were heard on center stage, where poets had the chance to perform in front of a welcoming audience.

Demry Mebane, American political science major with pre-law organized the spoken word event through Student Activities.

“I’m Student Activities team programmer, so this is our unit,” Mebane said. “I love seeing the new talent, new faces and new speeches. That always exhilarates me to lead this event, I love it. It’s good stuff.”

During performances, Mebane would play videos of poetry slams to get thoughts flowing for audience members. These included Jonah Hill’s poetry slam fail in “22 Jump Steet”, Blake Griffin’s “Tear-away Pants” and Tom Hanks’ “Full House” performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Music major Malcolm Kuntz lit up the stage, performing a handful of poems.

“Tonight was fantastic. It was great fun,” Kuntz said. “There was a lot of good energy from everyone. It was a friendly atmosphere, conducive to a good event like this. It made me comfortable. My favorite part was when people laughed at my poems that I was hoping to be funny. I’m comfortable with being laughed at!”

International studies major Blake Ervin was another popular performer, opening and closing the show.

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“After the first one was over and I started to get a feel for it, I was amazed at the feeling I got from speaking my words rather than just reading them, almost as if it breathed a new life into their roots and shined a new color onto them. It felt good, that’s for sure,” Ervin said. “Listening to others, creativity fosters creativity. Their words opened my mind a little more as did mine theirs. Also the atmosphere and openness of the UAA students was heart-warming.”

Ervin shared his poem with TNL from spoken word. He plans on performing at the next Spoken Word March 3 of next month.

Time heals all is the biggest joke, time covers the wound in a scar, put a man who lost his family behind the wheel of a car and you’ll see time doesn’t get you that far, it’s a choice beyond our comprehension that helps us heal past shaking at a simple mention. Now even the strongest can break, to take emotional damage lightly is the biggest mistake, you don’t know pain till you’ve felt a bomb drop and you’re standing in its wake. Smile for today because time cannot heal at all, no matter how high you get, even giants can fall. So don’t be timid, it’s on you to live life like you’re dying, and smile through the tears that you already may be crying.

For more information about the event, call Student Services at 786-1219 or email [email protected]