UAA’s Got Talent showcases old and new faces

Last Thursday night’s UAA’s Got Talent event was a gathering for talented faces in the Student Union Cafeteria. The two-hour show was full of beautiful voices, dancers and a unique balancing act. UAA students had the opportunity to showcase a talent to an audience, whether it be singing, dancing or playing an instrument.

Argel Isaguirre, a pre-nursing major and 2014 UAA’s Got Talent champion, opened the show with his amazing ability to shred the guitar.

“Tonight was amazing! There was a good crowd turnout, and the contestants gave it their all and really showed what it means to share their craft and talent. My favorite part of the show would have to be either Cherise or the BWM group,” Isaguirre said. “Being the guest of honor in this year’s talent show was a blast. I got to play a Steve Vai piece and the piece that I played for last year’s talent show, ‘Canon Rock’ by Johann Pachelbel, arranged by Jerry C. I would like to say thank you to Balogun (Bishop) and everyone involved in setting up the talent show and letting me take part in the event. I really enjoyed it!”

Student Devin Johnson performed after Isaguirre’s impressive opening. Johnson performed an original piece for the crowd with guitar accompaniment. He turned heads while as he performed, and he stood on a balancing board throughout the song. Johnson got enthusiastic responses from crowd members, who were shouting hoots and hollers out.

“My favorite part was having the chance to perform on stage for everyone,” Johnson said. “I really love being up there and in the moment.”

Edward Washington II, also known by the crowd as Chocolate Jesus, is a music major with who studies vocal performance. He took first place in the talent show with his group BWM. BWM stands for Black White Men (or Mexican — there was an inconsistency in group member opinion).

“I was really nervous at first. This is my first-ever talent competition, I don’t know if you could tell, but my hands were shaking, I was just so nervous!” Washington said. “I watched Argel win last year and then I was just thinking that I could do this. I’ve only been singing for like three years, so it was definitely a big step.”

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Other singers debuted their voices and original pieces, while some stuck to the piano and played beautiful covers of popular songs that the crowd clapped along to. Overall, UAA’s Got Talent was a perfect opportunity to show the talented students that the University of Alaska Anchorage has.