UAA’s Clubs and Greek Life organizations offer opportunities and community


The Student Clubs and Greek Life office is part of UAA’s Student Life and Leadership office and offers various opportunities to enrich students’ experiences on campus. It encourages students to take part on campus to find community, gain leadership, social and personal skills or simply grow as a person.

Emily Wood, natural sciences major with a concentration in environment and minor in biology, is the club council chair at UAA and highly believes in the values of UAA’s clubs.

“I feel like there is a club for every niche at UAA. Just about every major has a club. I think that the clubs really lend to UAA having a traditional college feel because we definitely have an extremely alternative campus. I think that having the clubs legitimize UAA as a real college. You don’t just have to come to campus and leave,” Wood said.

UAA offers more than 179 registered student clubs and organizations and six Greek organizations. The clubs support various interests such as different academic programs, professional career tracks, religions, cultures, sports, hobbies and more.

Academic and pre-professional clubs include the business related Accounting club or Finance ad Investments club, the International Aviation co-ed fraternity Alpha Eta Rho, medical related associations such as the PreMed and Pre-Pharmacy clubs, several engineering clubs focusing on women engineers, civil or mechanic engineering and several political associations.

Ali Nanez, biological and natural science major, is a member of UAA’s pre-med club and AMSA, American Medical Student Association. Nanez plans on going to the pre-med route and describes her membership in those two organization as highly supportive.

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“The PreMed club and AMSA offer a lot of support in getting into medical school and a lot of help on preparing for med school. The involvement with these clubs also helps me in many different ways. By meeting new people, becoming friends and preparing for the MCAT together or even just giving tips to each other for classes. Also, there are a lot of volunteering options that will benefit my application when applying to med schools,” Nanez said.

The clubs invite professionals to give speeches regarding their particular fields of interest, organize events or projects and engage with the community. The meeting times are generally decided on by the clubs themselves to best fit their members’ time schedules. Students that are interested in joining basically just have to show up during those official meeting times and introduce themselves.

Wood highly encourages everyone to take advantage of the clubs UAA has to offer.

“It is a really great way to become part of the present audio of UAA. It starts to feel a lot more like home and worthwhile for staying here. I think as soon as you start to get into that groove here at UAA, you start to see this is actually a pretty valuable environment and has a lot to offer,” Wood said.

There is a way to start your own club if none of the existing ones meet your needs. You only need a minimum of four members to fulfill the required positions of president, secretary, treasurer, and club council representative with all holding GPA’s of at least 2.25. The Student Clubs and Greek Life’s professional staff offers guidance and support for registering a new club as well as Greek life organizations.

At UAA, students can become members of four different fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Kappa Theta and Alpha Sigma Phi, and two sororities, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha. Those Greek life organizations are dedicated to developing equal and diverse communities valuing collaboration, leadership skills, and personal, social, and intellectual experiences. All students who want to become involved are welcome to apply for official recruitment.

Diëgo Perez, recent aviation technology graduate with a minor in business administration, was actively involved in establishing the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UAA in 2013. He later was a member from Jan. 2014 until he graduated in the spring of 2017. In Tau Kappa Epsilon, he found a community that represented his core values of professionalism, respect, loyalty and an attribute of ambition.

“Tau Kappa Epsilon boosted my college experience by exposing me to other university clubs, organizations, athletic events, and activities around campus. I would always have a group of fraters or friends down to go to events or activities,” Perez said.

The numerous Greek life organizations represent different values and offer a community throughout one’s college experience. Additionally, UAA’s various clubs accommodate almost every major at UAA and therefore, provide academic and professional support. Why not enrich your college experience by getting involved on campus?