UAA students accepted to Warped Tour

If you follow the Warped Tour and live in Anchorage, you’ve probably heard of PJ Franco & The Burnouts. And if you don’t follow Warped, just know that it’s a major punk rock tour with concerts from San Diego to Montreal. This year features over 100 bands, from well known groups like Paramore and Sum 41 to upcoming groups from around the country. Scouts from the tour visited Anchorage May 14 to see which bands in Anchorage’s first annual Battle of the Bands would make the cut on a national level. PJFATBO made it to the finals at Chilkoot Charlie’s, and were offered a spot on the tour in the beginning of August.

Live performance of \”Do the F***$$$ Dishes\”

Lead guitarist and singer, Evan Creasap, suggested the name “The Burnouts” in the basement of someone’s house around February 2009. The Drummer, PJ Franco, had some hesitancies.

“I don’t really drink or smoke. I’m just not much of a partier, but we had to include me somehow…”

Thus, PJ Franco (conjunction here) The Burnouts.

PJ Franco 101 video

Trombonist Tatiana Siobhan Agnew joined in October 2009.

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“I started playing trombone at the tender age of 10. I picked it up because I found this super dusty trombone in my grandma’s closet and was mildly interested in it. It just so happened that I was going into 6th grade that next year, and needed an instrument to play. Bam. So my mama started getting me lessons with this guy that goes to my church up until 8th grade when he had “taught me everything he could”. It was a sad day, but I’ve only gotten better since then, and I thank him everyday for teaching me how to play.”

2011 has been a great year for the band. Their album “Rage City House Circuit” was released New Year’s Day on iTunes.  One local gave the album a generally positive review, excited that “90?s era punk ska acts” were still around.

“Evan is known for his eccentric charm, as he can’t help but gleefully bounce while he sings, and shreds. The guitar is hopelessly messy of course, but it doesn’t matter because PJ brings us such intricate and relentlessly pounded drum rhythms. I struggle honestly to tell the voices of PJ and Evan apart from each other. I think Evan is usually in lead vocal duty, he sounds as if he is smiling, no matter how mean the lyrics are. The one screaming is usually PJ,” the reviewer wrote.

Full review

PJ Franco and Tatiana Siobhan Agnew are psychology and sociology majors, respectively. Creasap works at Body Piercing Unlimited, and bassist Alexandria Hickel, the latest edition to the band, joining Feb 2011, works at Great Harvest Bread Company.

PJFATBO are raising 8,000 dollars to pay for all expenses as they play the Tour for one week.

The Burnouts tend to schedule their events the week of. When asked where and when they will play next, Franco replied,

“Ah, well we’ll be playing a couple houses, a couple basements, a couple kitchens…nothing’s set in stone.”

PJ playing drums at Surreal Studios