UAA student resolutions for the new year

December is that time of year when people are thinking about what they want to accomplish in the next year. Most people have pretty standard New Years resolutions, and our culture sometimes mocks the more cliche ones. A lot of people strive to lose weight in the coming year, to try to save money better or to spend more time with family and friends. Resolutions tend to be more broad than focused.

However, students at UAA have much more specific resolutions. Travis Klover, a computer systems engineering major at UAA, resolves to go to the gym more frequently, but not for the reason one would think.

“My New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym every day starting in 2017 because this coming several times a week thing just isn’t cutting it… If not the gym, then the pool or just running or something. I’m in ROTC and I’m trying to apply for a special operations career field and you gotta be kind of stupidly fit to get into those. My mostly fit attitude isn’t gonna cut it, so I need to get stupidly fit,” Klover said. “I also want to call my mom every week and tell her I love her because I’m usually super bad at calling my mom and she likes to hear from me. It makes her day.”

Many students are striving to keep up with their academics in the new year. Especially for seniors and juniors, doing well next semester is a top priority for those graduating or those soon to graduate.

Aurora Newkirk, an English literature major, explains that as the end of her degree approaches, she would like to stay away from procrastination in addition to her other resolutions.

“I’m gonna be a senior next semester so I’m almost done with my bachelor’s degree. My New Year’s resolution is to stay motivated and don’t fall into senioritis. I still want to do a good job and not procrastinate like I’ve been doing this semester. My other one is about my home life. I live in an apartment with two roommates and we get along pretty well but we have our disagreements. One thing I want to do is pick my battles. My roommate picks all of the battles and I pick none of the battles. So I need to learn when to speak up and when to let little things slide. I also want to learn how to better talk to strangers because that scares me,” Newkirk said.

It’s not just procrastination that students are looking to stave off. Many newer students are having trouble managing their time, or at least, they hope to get a better grasp on the practice that is time management.

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Michael Rees-Benyo, computer sciences major, would like to manage his schedule more effectively above all else in the next year.

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For computer sciences major Michael Rees-Benyo, learning to manage his time better is a resolution for 2017 that takes precedence over all else. Photo credit: Young Kim

“Primarily, I want to be more responsible as a person, which seems like a catch-all statement, but mainly in terms of deadlines and scheduling. I haven’t been great about that and that’s cost me a lot this year. I really want to up my game with time management. I’m definitely going to get a planner,” Rees-Benyo said.

There are many different resolutions being made by different people across the world. Whether their resolutions are cliche or creative, they are all notable. As long as people strive to be better, the world can only improve. Hopefully, everyone’s resolutions are realized this year.