UAA Seawolves Men’s Basketball Players Set New Records

Feb. 22

The last basketball game to be played in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex was played on Saturday night between the UAA and Western Oregon University. This game was to be remembered as the last game at Wells Fargo and nothing more. But what started out as a straightforward final match, quickly escalated into a historic game with 2 broken records and countless moments of ecstasy for Seawolf fans.

UAA dominated the first half of the game, though by half time, WOU cut down their lead by 8 points. UAA led the score at halftime with 43-35.

Before the start of the second half, attention was drawn to Seawolf senior guard Kyle Fossman’s career and his proximity to tying or breaking former Seawolf Mark Drake’s previous school record of ‘most number of three-pointers in a career’. At the start of the game he had needed seven three-pointers to tie the 243 three-point record. But going into half time Fossman was 6-10 from beyond the three-point mark.

Another Seawolf, Travis Thompson, junior guard, was 4 3-pointers shy of tying the ‘most 3-pointers in a season’ record that was previously held by former Seawolf Kemmy Burgess of a 100 3-pointers in a season, in 2003-04.

Both Fossman and Thompson tied and broke the records in second half of the game, but did not stop there. They continued to add to their totals by making more and more three-pointers.

Thompson, with a total of 33 points, closed out the night, 8 of 12 on 3-pointers. Fossman, who had a career high of 40 points, went 12 of 16 on 3-pointers. Fossman set a new record for the ‘most number of 3-pointers in a career’ and broke the record for most number of 3 pointers in a season. Thompson set a new record for ‘most number of 3-pointers in a season’.

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The focus of the game may have become the two players and their moments of glory, but Seawolf fans were not left disappointed in the end, with UAA beating WOU by a score of 96 to 77.

In sports there are moments in time that are forever etched into the memories of those that witness the event. This basketball game, which not only marked the end of an era at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex, but also saw the breaking of 3 and setting of records, is one such moment that will forever be remembered as a historic game.