UAA plans to build new pedestrian bridge

UAA Health Campus Pedestrian Bridge, (C) Livingstone Slone, IncPlans are underway to construct a new pedestrian bridge at UAA. The bridge will connect the second floor of the Health Sciences Building on the south side of Providence Drive to the third floor of the Engineering and Industry Building on the north side of Providence Drive. The bridge will act as a gateway to the University-Medical District  and will ensure safety for students, staff, faculty and visitors to cross Providence Drive.

“The sky bridge will be a very prominent structure when you come down Providence Drive,” said UAA Lead Project Manager John Hanson. “It’s going to be a gateway to the university. It’s going to be a useful structure as well, because there are some plans to grow the southern parts of campus from across Providence Drive.”

There are plans underway to develop the south side of UAA’s campus that include two new buildings, and a 500-space parking structure near the Health Sciences Building.

“The design of the bridge is formed by a pair of steel arches that span the entire roadway,” said Scott Veerman, lead architect for the project with Livingston Sloan. “There is no center support structure at all in the roadway or the median or otherwise. The bridge will be suspended from the arches.”

The exterior finish of the bridge will be glazed, insulated metal panels. The bridge will also include a data and communications pathway between the north and south side of campus.

Construction will begin this summer on a parking structure near the new Engineering and Industry Building that will add around 480 parking spaces.

Veerman said, “There were several other design ideas for the structure that included purely functional bold architectural design, and the design that was chosen is a happy medium between the extremes.”

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The bridge will help enhance academic collaboration, connect neighboring community partners and develop and promote a pedestrian-friendly campus, which is currently one of the goals in the 2013 UAA Master Plan.

The total estimated cost for the bridge is $4.4 million, and it is scheduled to be completed in the late summer of 2015.





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