UAA Parking Services Amateur Photo Contest allows students opportunity to win an annual parking pass

Parking Services hosts an annual Amateur Photo Contest to feature students’ differing views on what makes the UAA campus unique. The grand prize of the contest is an annual full-day parking permit, and all winners will have their submitted photos featured on parking permits the following semester.

This year’s photo contest runs until March 6. All entries must be received by March 2, no later than 5 p.m. Up to three entries can be submitted per applicant. The winner will be announced on March 17, and only winning entries will be contacted.

A few guidelines of the contest include unedited and unfiltered photos of high resolution with no recognizable faces. People are acceptable in photos, however, such as a crowd enjoying an activity on campus.

Glenna Muncy, UAA Parking Services director, says that high resolution simply means that the photos must not be blurry, taken in low or dim light or have low visibility quality. The photos will be reproduced and may be cropped to be placed on the parking permits, which may lower the overall quality of the photo in the process.

The contest has been active since 2007. Before then, parking permits were a single, solid color. The goal of the contest is to capture an image that embodies the uniqueness of UAA to the photographer, and it was created as a way to showcase the beauty of the university, according to Muncy.

“The contest was started as a way to highlight some of the amazing features we have on the UAA campus and to customize our parking permits with images that our community recognized as beautiful, meaningful or unique,” Muncy said.

Students, staff and faculty are able to participate in the contest. This year, there will be four winning photos chosen to be placed on the annual permit, the semester permit, the evening permit and the housing permit. Each permit will feature a different photo.

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Winners are chosen by majority vote through the parking marketing coordinator. Submissions are randomized and posted anonymously into a survey made available on the Parking Services website. Those who vote choose their favorite submission, votes are tallied and the winner is selected, according to Muncy.

Julia Belen Vizcaino was the grand prize winner for the 2019 photo contest. She took this photo of a moose and her calf at student housing. Photo courtesy of Parking Services.

Last year, the grand prize went to Julia Belen Vizcaino. Vizcaino took a picture of a mamma moose and her calf by housing. Runner-ups were Tina Veldkamp, Isaac Villeda and Larissa Kramer.

Isaac Villeda took this winning runner up photo of an old boat under the Sky Bridge for the 2019 photo contest. Photo courtesy of Parking Services.
2019 Runner up winner Larissa Kramer showcases a glowing art feature on a winter night at UAA outside of the ConocoPhillips Sciences Building. Photo courtesy of Parking Services.
Tina Veldkamp took this winning photo for the 2019 photo contest in front of AAC. Photo courtesy of Parking Services.

Contestants can submit photos through UAOnline. Voting for photos will be made available through the UAA Parking Services website shortly after the contest closes.

For more information about the contest or submission and voting inquiries, contact Brandon Moore, the marketing coordinator for UAA Parking Services, at [email protected]