UAA hosts 33rd annual Student Showcase

Every year, UAA hosts a showcase that allows students from all majors to come together and submit their best work from that school year to be evaluated and possibly presented in the Student Showcase Conference. Submission can be from any academic area from visual art, music, and term papers as long as they were completed in class at UAA. Participants are able to share their work with the community and gain the experience of networking with community professionals while potentially winning up to $300. Their work will also be published in the UAA Student Showcase Journal.

Created over 30 years ago, the Student Showcase has provided students with experience and the chance to openly present their hard work.

“They saw the need or the opportunity for students to have more of a chance to dialogue with people from the community and get the opportunity to present their work so they designed this conference, and it’s evolved over the years. It’s not exactly the same as it was the first time they did it,” Annie Route, Student Life and Leadership director, said.

Last year, Nicole Wilson was one of thee winners at the UAA Student Showcase. She submitted a final research project she had written in Spanish for Saints and Sinners: Studies in Medieval Iberian Literature (SPAN A432). This was the second time participating in the Student Showcase and Wilson was able to score high enough the second time around in the evaluation to continue to the presentation round and win the competition.

“There are all sorts of benefits, not only do you get the chance to have your work published and win $300 cash, but you get to share your hard work with your community, test your presentation skills, grow your confidence, add to your academic CV and continue learning about a topic that you were already interested in,” Wilson said.

The deadline for submissions is Jan. 30, 2017 and the Notification of Acceptance will be in March 2017. The participants who scored high enough will compete in the Showcase Conference on April 6 and 7 with a presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A at the end. All the participants who score high enough to present will earn a $400 tuition waver and the winners will be awarded with an additional $300 cash.

“There are community judges present at each presentation who judge the projects by some arbitrary criteria that is chosen each year by the people who run Student Showcase, as none of the judges are experts in the fields to which your project belongs,” Samantha Mack, participant in the 2016 Student Showcase, said. “The only stressful part is the actual presentation, and that’s really only stressful if you’re not used to giving presentations, as the audience isn’t particularly large.”

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There is a different amount of winners each year depending on the material submitted in the showcase. Student Life and Leadership is in charge of determining the number of winners.

“If there are five students whose work is IMG_0405.PNGIMG_0405.PNGwinner material, then all five students will be winners for that year,” Wilson said.

Wilson won her second try at the showcase, and she encourages other students to participate in the showcase and gain the positive experience she was able to have.

“Just submit something, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” Wilson said.

Submissions are due Jan. 30 for the 33rd annual Student Showcase. If there was a project or paper you are proud of from the 2016 spring, summer or fall semesters, turn it in to be eligible for the chance to present at the showcase. You have already done the work, so share your creativity with the community while potentially winning a $300 cash prize and a chance to be published in the UAA Student Showcase Journal.