UAA graduate showcases ‘Intimacy’

“Bloom” by Anya Gudimova is on display in the Hugh McPeck Gallery. Photo credit: Anya Gudimova

In May, Anya Gudimova graduated from UAA with a degree in art with a concentration in painting, and a minor in English with an emphasis in literature. This month, her first exhibit will run for a month in the Hugh McPeck Gallery. Her exhibit, “Intimacy,” is about finding herself in nature.

Gudimova chose her major and minor because she feels art and literature are “intertwined.” She uses what she learned while reading literature to spark ideas and themes for her art.

“I am strongly influenced by romanticism and the desire to find the sublime,” Gudimova said.

With her minor in English, she read books by authors, such as Henry Thoreau, who wrote about their connection with the natural world.

“Nature is our main constant. It always has been and always will and so I wanted to connect a little more. I painted not so much nature scenes but different moments throughout my year in which I felt something strong enough to want to capture. So [the ‘Intimacy’] paintings are not necessarily about the visual as much as they were about capturing the emotions I felt in those moments,” Gudimova said.

The Hugh McPeck Gallery offers UAA students the right steps in gaining experience with hosting their own exhibition. After the gallery management team accepts the artist applicant, they will help the chosen artist promote their exhibit with advertisements and an opening reception celebration.

“We believe that [Gudimova’s] exhibition was a perfect fit for the gallery because it expresses the skills that she acquired through the UAA art department and highlights her talents as an artist,” Tyler Teese, the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s manager, said. “It is the goal of the gallery to provide her with experience in the exhibition process to prepare her as she continues her art career.”

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Gudimova has been working on these particular paintings since the summer of 2017. “Intimacy” is a fitting title for the exhibit as Gudimova’s art features a soft, shadowy delicateness with a romantic, realistic touch, giving the feel of peeking into someone else’s point of view.

The reception for “Intimacy” was held on June 25 but Gudimova’s exhibit will be on display until July 25. The Hugh McPeck Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.