UAA Glee Club performs a night of choreographed singing and comedic skits

UAA’s Glee Club hosted a night of laughter and excitement during their Season 19 Fall Concert on Nov. 1 and 2. The 24-member a cappella group aimed to charm the audience’s hearts and ears with their charismatic performance.

Performances at the Season 19 Fall Concert on Nov. 1 and 2 ranged from comedic skits to mashups of popular songs. Photo by Gabby Vance.

The concert was a display of singing and dancing accompanied by skits and costumes. The club performed all 18 pieces on the program with personality and passion that matched the style of song. An all-girls group embodied the sassy persona of Lizzo while singing her iconic song “Truth Hurts.”

Another stand-out moment during the concert was the Queen medley, a mashup of famous Queen songs, performed right after intermission. Soloist Amiel Pineda, a bass singer in the club, was fully dressed from glittering head to high heeled toe in Queen-like attire. Pineda was accompanied by background singers, a drum and a guitar. In addition to his stylized outfit, Pineda embodied the charisma and stage presence of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen.

At the concert, a quartet from the UAA Glee Club sings “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal, a song from one of the many artists represented at the event. Photo by Gabby Vance.

The repertoire of songs performed at the concert was pulled from a multitude of genres and mediums.

“Essentially, last spring [we were given] a list of songs [by officers], and we have back-up songs [as well],” Patrica Rose said.

Rose is the musical director of the Glee Club and a junior music education major at UAA. This is her first year as director of the Glee Club.

“It’s fun seeing what sort of genres [the members] like,” Rose said. “One [member is] really into musical theatre, another is more alternative style [and] normally if I have time, I’ll put a Disney song in there.”

The Season 19 Fall Concert on Nov. 1 and 2 included 18 numbers on the program, each performed by members of UAA’s Glee Club. Photo by Gabby Vance.
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Any choreography accompanying the pieces is arranged by art major Lydia Smith, choreographer, artistic director and head of media and marketing for the club.

In between songs, a few members of the Glee Club performed comedic skits, told jokes or interacted with the audience. Some of the skits included “Harry Potter” references, juggling, banana jokes and satirical comments.

“A lot of [the skits] come from members’ ideas,” Rose said. “It’s basically whatever comes into the minds’ of the Glee Club members.”

A skit the audience found particularly hilarious involved a member dressed up in a banana suit crying while the song “In the Arms of an Angel” played in the background. He explained to the crowd that in a previous skit, his mother was eaten by a cast member. He implored the audience to help put an end to the cruel treatment of his banana brethren.

The UAA Glee Club’s women ensemble performs a “Who Says/Perfect” mashup at their Season 19 Fall Concert on Nov. 1 and 2. Photo by Gabby Vance.

The Glee Club spent many weeks of the semester preparing for their fall concert. During one of the weeks leading up to the concert, Glee Club alumni gave feedback on their prepared transitions and performances.

After the concert, the Glee Club’s faculty adviser Mari Hahn, a professor in the department of music, helps to give them feedback and constructive criticism.

“I thought the groups were really good, and there’s a lot of potential for them to grow,” Hahn said. “I felt that the comradery already was very good, there’s a real sense of community among them.”

The Glee Club provides an outlet for students of all majors to explore a musical style that is often not taught in a classroom setting. Hahn said the club members are able to make music together and grow as individuals through the experience. She is confident that Rose will “leave her stamp” as a director and continue to help the Glee Club grow.

“She is an excellent singer, one of our most talented,” Hahn said. “She’s really good at working with people, so I think she’s really an excellent choice to be leading the group.”

Since this was Rose’s first year as director, she utilized the sense of community within the club to ensure a successful performance. Austin Rochon, the previous Glee Club director, provided his expertise as well as performed in the concert as a guitarist. Rose said Rochon was a huge help during the rehearsal process.

“I wouldn’t have been able to put it together if it wasn’t for my members, my officers [or] past Glee members,” Rose said. “It became a success because there were so many people willing to help and one of the biggest things that the past director has told me is ‘don’t be afraid to ask for help.’”

For more information on the UAA Glee Club and notifications for their upcoming events, visit The Glee Club at UAA on Facebook. To check out their Fall Concert, watch their video at Glee at UAA on YouTube.