UAA freshman, Daniel Schliesing, releases social networking app

As a freshman in the mechanical engineering program, Daniel Schliesing release Breadcrumbs, an app that allows users to leave messages for for other users based on their location, last month. Photo credit: Young Kim

Freshman mechanical engineering major, Daniel Schliesing, released a social networking app called BreadCrumbs Social last month. The app is described by Schliesing as digital posters, where users can leave virtual messages in specific locations. BreadCrumb’s users can write and message anywhere they are standing, and any user who walks within 100 feet of the location will be able to see that message, just like posters. Schliesing has been using the UAA campus and its students as a testing ground for his app, and his user base is predominantly UAA students at the moment.

Schliesing has been developing the app for a year, and since its release in February, the app has been updated to allow users to post photos.

“Since most people are using it for memes, and that type of thing, I’m thinking about making that kind of the main purpose,” Schliesing said. “There’s other things you could do with it, [like] Geocaching. I could go into Yik Yak space and compete with them since they are not doing really well right now.”

Schliesing says BreadCrumbs is still very new, but that he is happy with its development so far. He currently has around 50 users, 20 of whom are actively posting. Schliesing chose the name BreadCrumbs because of the similarities he saw between his idea and the tale of Hansel and Gretel.

“I never really thought of another name,” Schliesing said. “It just kind of fit because you leave breadcrumbs for other people to find. I really like the Hansel and Gretel theme.”

BreadCrumbs is free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users with iOS 10.2 or later.