UAA Confessions page is not a counseling service

Screen shot of UAA Confessions Facebook page.
Screen shot of UAA Confessions Facebook page.

Recently, a Facebook page entitled “UAA Confessions” appeared on the TNL Facebook wall asking us to “like” them. We did.

The page’s purpose is to collect confessions from UAA students, put them through a vetting process and publish them anonymously on the page.

And, oh, what information has been revealed.

The page has published posts spilling people’s guts about plagiarism, suicide, cheating on lovers and sex on campus.

Students allegedly submit all the posts.

Maybe whoever created this page wants to create a sense of community between people on campus. Maybe this person wants to channel the famous “PostSecret” idea, where strangers submit confessions on a post card for publication. And maybe this page has nothing to do with UAA students at all.

But, either way, TNL firmly stands by this advice: DO NOT PUT YOUR CONFESSIONS ON THIS FACEBOOK PAGE!

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Nobody knows who is gatekeeping the secrets. And are you really willing to put your most confidential information in the hands of a stranger?

People have been fired, divorced, kicked out of school and publicly humiliated when social media information has been leaked to the masses.

Those people could be you.

Because whoever runs this page owes you nothing and might just have the foulest of intentions.

But there’s no doubt students might need a place for impartial solidarity with someone.

UAA already offers services for that.  The Student Health and Counseling Center offers up to six free sessions a semester for students, and the service is 100 percent free for students taking six more credit hours.  Appointments can be made on a walk-in basis or via telephone by calling (907) 786-4040.  Counselors, unlike anonymous Facebook page administrators, have ethical and legal guidelines binding them to your secrecy.

So keep yourself and anyone affected by your secret safe by keeping it offline.